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  • Walking with GhostsWalking with Ghosts

    By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, Walking with Ghosts is a delightful portrait of the people and landscapes that ultimately shape our destinies. A Landmark production, it comes to Broadway direct from highly acclaimed runs in London’s West End; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Dublin, Ireland.

The Music Box lives up to its name as it was designed with delicate, jewel-like qualities.

The Music Box Theatre was constructed because of an offer Sam H. Harris, a well-known producer, made to his friend Irving Berlin in 1919.  Harris proposed that if the songwriter would create a musical revue, he would find a venue for it.  Berlin wrote The Music Box Revue and the Music Box was constructed to house the show in 1920.  For each of the next four years, Berlin wrote a completely new version of the show.  Designed by Charles Howard Crane and E. George Kiehler, the theatre has delicate, jewel-like qualities.  It was constructed in the Neo-Georgian style, more in the style of a country home than a standard theatrical style.  In the 1920s, the Shuberts began obtaining shares of the theatre from Harris.  In 1941, Harris died and his wife sold half the shares in the theatre to the Shuberts, and half to Berlin.  Berlin and Shubert obtained equal ownership of the theatre from that point on.  Berlin sold his share of the theatre to the Shuberts in 2007.

In 1919, Samuel H. Harris, a well-known producer, proposed to his friend Irving Berlin that if the songwriter would write a musical revue, he would find a theatre for it.  In 1920, the Music Box Theatre opened with The Music Box Revue.

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