theatre_museumExhibits focusing on the Broadway scene and theatre in American are constantly being developed and offered. The museum provides a fascinating Meet the Author series, educational enrichment programs, and a wide range of exciting and informative resources.



Information on NYC theatrical activity from the late-18th century to the present can be found here. Original documents and important facts can be found in the Theater Collection holdings of the John Golden Archive, which consists of 40,000 folders with information on productions, personalities, and performance spaces.



  • 17,000 folders documenting Broadway and Off-Broadway productions since the 1800s.
  • Original set and costume renderings by designers such as Alvin Colt, Miles White, Donald Oenslager, and Lucinda Ballard.
  • Posters and window cards that document trends in theatrical advertising.
  • Original scripts by Eugene O’Neill.
  • A large collection of George M. Cohan’s annotated scripts and original Orchestrations.
  • Personal papers of Mary Martin, Howard Dietz, Julia Marlowe, and E. H. Sothern.
  • Over 3,500 caricatures, drawings, and prints.
  • Popular entertainment collections on Burlesque, Circus, Minstrelsy, and Vaudeville.

Museum of the Moving ImageFilm and TV are highlighted in this family friendly museum. Educational, engrossing and enlightening, the Museum of the Moving Image offers exhibits, films, and special collections. Educational programs in this interactive facility focus on the millions of moving images that have become a part of our entertainment history and lives.

museum of the moving image

The historic Apollo Theatre in Harlem.

Perhaps no other single venue in New York City is more responsible for introducing the artistry and culture of African-American and Latino musicians and performers than the Apollo Theater.

A tour of the Apollo offers insights into individual artists and a greater understanding of the cultural diversity the site has engendered. Visitors are sure to come away with an appreciation of the contribution this venue has made to the performing arts. Combine the tour with one of their evening Amateur Night performances to get the total Apollo Theater experience.


A time-honored joke asks: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? The answer…practice, practice, practice. Indeed, the luminaries who have graced Carnegie’s stage have ascribed to such advice. However, if you want to get to Carnegie Hall without engaging in any practice at all, then Carnegie Hall Tours may be your ticket to get on and behind one of the world’s most famous stages. Rich in history, beautiful in design and first-rate in artistry, Carnegie Hall has offered patrons premiere performances for over 110 years. Get a backstage view of what continues to be one of the most prestigious performance venues in the world.

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studio 1History is a great teacher for those who want to understand an art form and excel in creating new and innovative work. This unique and insightful seminar offers participants keen insights into how cultural and historical events have influenced dance styles through the last century. Starting with dances popular in the 1920’s, spanning the 20th century, and examining the standards set by current styles, students participate in both an informative and innovative dance class, and, also, a fun and engaging history lesson. Learn history, technique, and style actively.

Experience will include:

  • Choreography from the 1920’s to present
  • Discussion about different eras and how dance was influenced by current eras


Seminar Length: 1.5 hours


0b9202_06b2d906394b43e99e4c1a9d79293e59.jpg_srz_p_622_152_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Various wonderful touring experiences are available through Broadway Up Close. Their original tour, which was created five years ago, takes you along The Great White Way where your group will discover exciting and interesting facts about Broadway theatres, artists, producers, and personalities. The tour travels from the southern end of the Broadway theatre district on 41st street to 45th street in between 6th and 8th avenues. Highlights include the rise and fall of 42nd Street, Roof Top Gardens, and hauntingly interesting ghost stories. Plus, each knowledgeable guide offers his/her own personal stories about Broadway. Each tour guide is equipped with an iPad chock full of one- of-a-kind photos and videos to further enrich your experience.

0b9202_986c2c4c6374407aae18e02fc7f02861.jpg_srz_p_422_277_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Plus, Broadway Up Close offers Private Tours, including one that gets you up close and personal with the Broadway experience. This is a perfect addition for those who will be attending a Broadway performance. This touring experience starts with their Private Tour around Broadway that Broadway Up Close is so famous for and includes a 45-minute sit down lunch or dinner with a performer from a show your group will be seeing that night. Your meal will include an appetizer, soda and an iconic pie from John’s Pizzeria.

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