Educational Resources

Education is a powerful tool, and when combined with theatre, it can be dynamic, teaching skills, inspiring creativity, encouraging personal growth, and revealing life lessons.All Tickets provides group with a wide range of educational resources, including free study guides for Broadway musicals and plays.

Information on workshops, classes, talkbacks, tours, and more is available by contacting us at 1-800-922-0716.

  • is a service provided by All Tickets Inc. for Theatre Educators is devoted to helping teachers, students, families and groups connect with the theatrical experience in many different ways and on many different levels. We are also focused on working with producers and marketers, ensuring that their educational materials are interesting, thought provoking and sound on a curricular level.  The site offers free materials to schools, teachers and anyone interested in learning more about a specific Broadway show, the professional theatre or the theatre as a communicative art form.
    One website.  41 Broadway Theatres.  Every theatre has its own beautifully crafted page filled with history, photos, and information. Stage Information, House Information, Production History, Fun Facts, 3D Seating Charts, and more.
  • Expressions-on-stage1-310x310Theatrical Encounters
    Because the shows are live and the actors and other artists are right there,Broadway, including its craft, art and daily rigors, is very accessible. All Tickets is your backstage pass through the figurative stage door as we offer a whole new way of seeing the theatre. Our group sales agents can make your theatre trip extra special, more exciting and amazingly enlightening through one of many quality educational experiences. Meet a Broadway cast, take a workshop or enjoy a backstage tour—it’s yours. Call us.
  • Intense-young-people-310x310Study Guides
    Study guides for Broadway shows are devoted to serving students and teachers by offering unique quality educational materials. ATI is focused on creating signature guides that include video interviews with those involved in bringing a particular show to the stage, incisive, innovative projects that offer a layered approach to learning and exercises that meet Common Core State Standards for learning. Along with linking students to the art of theatre, themes in a show and the creative process, our study guides also connect with real world experience, issues and concerns All Study Guide content is hosted on All Tickets’ educational site: