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Q: How do we qualify for theatre group sales?

Generally box offices require that groups be composed of eight or more ticket purchases per order to qualify for Group rates. Each Broadway show will have their own policy regarding minimum ticket purchases to attain Group rates, as these polices as set by each production. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions – All Tickets will work at finding the answer to your question and solution to your needs.

Q: What if we fall short on minimum group sales?

If you fall short on the minimum requirement for group sales, we might be able to help. There could be options available. Call us and we’ll look for possible solutions.

Q: When can we make group reservations?

As a rule, a group reservation can be made up to two days prior to the performance, depending upon ticket availability. Various shows, based on popularity and theatre size, will take reservations up to a year-plus in advance. It’s always recommended that you reserve your group date as soon as possible, assuring you’re able to book tickets for the requested date, and that you are able to receive the best possible seating.

Q: What incentives are there for group leaders?

Based on the number of tickets purchased, some Broadway shows will have a comp program (free ticket promotion) for groups. Also, All Tickets runs comp programs from time to time with various Broadway shows. Comp policies will vary depending upon the show and quantities and restrictions are subject to change.

Q: Do you provide special materials to help solicit our group members?

Sometimes materials are available to help solicit group members. We will be happy to help churches, clubs, schools, synagogues and all groups alert their members to the ticket opportunities and various materials and promotions.

Q:  Can you help our group with hotels, restaurants, transportation, parking, maritime tours, tour guides, cast meet & greets and other such needs, events, and experiences?

YES, All Tickets is a fully licensed New York State Ticket Reseller, insured, and bonded company. Our service offers groups the “Total Group New York Experience.” Our products include – Broadway sales, Off-Broadway sales, Attractions, Hotels (NYC & NJ), Maritime Experiences, Restaurants, Step On Tour Guides, Motor Coach Transportation, Broadway Seminars and Experiences, Meet & Greets with Show Talent, and more. You’ll quickly see that we will meet and exceed your needs and expectations. All Tickets can create customized packages and services that will provide you with all that you desire and conform to your budget requirements.

Q: What is a Ticket comp program?

From time to time, All Tickets and the various Producers of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows will offer Comp Ticket Programs (free show tickets). This is a great opportunity to save even more money on your Broadway experience. Comp programs vary, sometimes offering 1 free ticket free per 25-paid, 1 free ticket free per 30-paid or other such promotions. Programs do vary and are subject to black outs and program changes. Please inquire as these are limited time offers and new programs are constantly being added!

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Q: Can we get refunds on group sales tickets?

As a rule, “all sales are final” concerning Broadway Tickets. There might be options with the Box Office to “please sell” or “postdate” your tickets. In the rare event that a show is cancelled, weather related, significant lead cast member cancellation, or due to other conditions within NYC, Box Offices will generally provide exchanges or refunds. Occasionally, we might even be able to resell your tickets from our office. We will help coordinate any possible options and will make every effort to assist you. Please understand, though, that the rule of thumb is that generally there are no refunds.

Q: Are group tickets exchangeable for other days or shows?

Unfortunately, they generally are not. Group sales are contracted for a specific show and on a date that you have selected. If your group has made an error in date selection, given ample time, we may be able to coordinate a different date for your group. If you have a problem, please call promptly. Be advised that selecting a new performance is subject to seat availability, and there are no guarantees that seat locations will be the same or similar. There may also be a price difference for the new performance, and your group would be responsible for the difference in ticket price.

Q: How may we pay for our group sales events?

All Tickets accepts company or personal checks, transfers, and credit cards for payments. Broadway ticket payment dates vary according to Box Office requirements. Your group is not necessarily obligated to pay immediately for the tickets that have been reserved. We do not generally require deposits to confirm reservations, though this might vary from show to show.

All Tickets will produce an invoice for your group with a specific payment due date. As the due date approaches, our office will generally provide reminder calls regarding the payment. Please note, we will never cancel an order without having tried to reach you first. In some instances or circumstances, we might be able to provide bridging assistance with payments. Returned payments may be subject to a banking service charge.

Q: Are there any other fees beyond the ticket purchase cost?

Mailing & handling fees might apply. Broadway show tickets generally have a facility fee, which is included in the price of each ticket. All Tickets’ policy is to carefully disclose such fees. On rare occasions, there could be a general service charge to purchase group Broadway tickets; this charge is associated with blackout periods when shows do not provide a commission on sales. Again, we’ll always discuss this situation if it arises, and it will be clearly noted on your All Tickets invoice.

Q: Can we cancel a group reservation order?

Yes, your group order can be cancelled any time prior to making payment. Please remember, once Broadway tickets are paid for, they are generally nonrefundable.

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Q: We paid for our tickets; when do we receive them?

Broadway tickets may be sent directly from the box office or from our office. Our preferred method of shipping is Federal Express, however U.S. Postal Certified Mail may also be used directly by the Box Office. Other methods of delivery may also be available. Arrangements can be made to hold tickets at the box office or in our office. Tickets are generally produced shortly after full payment to the box office. Polices due vary from show to show concerning when your show’s tickets are printed. If you have been advised that tickets have been sent and have not received them as expected, please call our office promptly.

Q: Who pays All Tickets?

The Box Offices will generally pay the agent a commission for group sales. However, at certain times group reservations are non-commissionable; this might be the result of the fact that the tickets are for a certain weekend or blackout period. Reservations may still be made for your group, but these tickets might be subject to a service charge. We will be happy to explain any questions you have regarding these charges.

Q:. Tickets were lost in transit to us, what do we do?

First, it’s important to note that this seldom happens. However, if it does, it’s very important we know immediately. If your Broadway tickets are lost or you did not receive the quantity originally ordered, you can relax because you’re protected. Replacement tickets will be issued with the same exact seat locations you had been assigned originally. All Tickets will gladly facilitate this entire process.

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Q: Where in the theatre will our seats be located?

Your group will have a choice of seat locations every time you buy tickets to a Broadway show. Today’s Broadway show events provide for many seat price options. Of course, choices will be subject to availability. Pricing may also vary pending on dates and even blackout periods. We always recommend that your group make reservations as far in advance as possible, as this will give you the best chance of securing the price level and seat locations you desire.

Q: So what happens if bad weather prevents our group from getting to theatre?

If a bad weather situation or other emergency condition prevents you from making a scheduled performance, every effort will be made to reschedule your group for another performance. We may be able to accommodate the entire group at one time or may need to split your numbers to make smaller groups. There is a past dated ticket policy in effect on Broadway, which allows you to exchange your ticket for a missed performance for another performance of that same show. Don’t worry about losing the value of the tickets for which you paid. Arrangements will be made for your group to see the show based on availability.

Please note: do not lose or throw your tickets away, as they serve as your proof of purchase and have a cash value. You should also note that your original seat locations cannot be guaranteed. All Tickets will work with you to find an acceptable solution.

Q: A member of our group got sick during the performance, what do we do?

If it’s an emergency, let the theatre house-staff know immediately. Be sure to keep the Broadway ticket; we might be able to make arrangements for that person(s) to see the show at another time. Again, please remember that seat location and dates are based on availability. Hold onto those tickets!

Q: Are theatres handicap accessible?

Most of NYC (including Broadway) is handicapped accessible. Please always let us know of the special needs of any of your group members. Also, let us know if certain members need to sit in specific locations (such as an aisle seat) due to health reasons. Remember that the theatre front of house personal will always be there to help any member of your group should the need arise.

Q: What if we need booster Seats for the kids or anyone else?

Most theatres will have booster seats on hand, and child friendly shows will carry them in large numbers.

Q: Some of our group members are hearing impaired, what should we do?

Most Broadway theatres are equipped with an Infra-Red Listening System. The headsets associated with the system are available on a first come, first served basis. Generally, you will be asked to leave a personal item behind, which will be returned to you when you return the headset. If there are going to be a number of people in your group requiring headsets, please advise us well in advance. All Tickets will do all that it can to ensure that the show accommodates your needs.

Q: How do we know if the show is age and material appropriate?

Generally, it would not be appropriate to bring a child who is four years of age or younger to a Broadway show. Also, if your child is at the show and they start crying, some theatres do have “crying rooms” for parents and guardians. This is a room that you can take your child to in order to ensure they do not disturb others at the show. Remember that the person sitting next to you wants to enjoy the show as much as you do.

Concerning content, always feel free to ask us for information about any Broadway show. Content may be difficult for you to assess on your own since Broadway does not have a rating system like the motion picture industry.

Q: Is there a place at the theatre to put my coat and other belongings?

Most theatres will have a coat check room that is open during the cold weather season. We discourage patrons from bringing any other items to the theatre with them. However, if you’re required to bring items for health or other reasons, please confer with the front of house staff. Bags and other carry-ons might be subject to examination.

Q: What should we do, we left the theatre and think a personal item was left behind?

If you’re able to get back to the theatre, do so in order to locate the item. If this is not possible, call our office, and we’ll make inquiries for you when the box office or theatre is open.

Q: What are the policies regarding cell phones, message devices, cameras, recording devices, candy wrappers, talking, or disruptive behavior?

All of the devices mentioned above must be turned off during a performance. Under NO circumstances is photography or recording or any kind allowed. Please be considerate of others and avoid making noises or talking. If a neighbor is being completely disruptive, let an usher or the house manager know, as they are trained to deal with these situations.

Q: May I bring in outside food or beverages?

Generally, the answer is no. Every theatre has a reception area for beverages and some also sell food. These items can be purchased prior to performance and during intermission and must be consumed before you go into the house to take your seat. On occasions, some theatres will permit food and beverages to be consumed during the performance.

Q: Can we get discounts on show souvenirs and other merchandise sold at the theatre?

If your group would like to purchase T-shirts, CDs or other items, please let All Tickets know in advance, and, as available, we’ll help facilitate your group discount where and if this is an option. Every production will have different polices.