Museum of the Moving ImageFilm and TV are highlighted in this family friendly museum. Educational, engrossing and enlightening, the Museum of the Moving Image offers exhibits, films, and special collections. Educational programs in this interactive facility focus on the millions of moving images that have become a part of our entertainment history and lives.

museum of the moving image

The Metropolitan Opera has a history that reaches back almost 130 years. This impressive cultural resource attracts some of the finest singers, directors and designers from around the globe. The Met, which offers world-class productions of new and classic operas, calls Lincoln Center its home. Although included in the Lincoln Center Tours, the Metropolitan Opera also provides daily tours during its performance season. Tours conducted by the Met differ from those offered by Lincoln Center—only the Met takes you backstage, offering visitors insights into how the company works and how productions function. A visit to the Met is a cultural highlight for anyone and everyone.

lincoln center nyc

The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is a true arts complex, offering performances in a range of disciplines including music, dance and theatre. The Center, which is also a rich resource for theatre historians, offers daily tours that include special group rates. Go behind the scenes and into the spaces that have been occupied by some of the greatest performers and artists on the earth. Each daily tour offers something different as you might end up sitting in on a rehearsal, seeing a star or stand on a stage where Baryshnikov danced or Pavarotti sang.

Lincoln Center also provides two specialized tours. The Art and Architecture tour introduces patrons to the amazingly rich art collection housed at the Center and the Jazz at Lincoln Center tour is devoted to investigating this definitive American art form.

lincoln cntr

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NBC Studio Tours

Television is a part of our everyday lives and NBC continues to be a major player in the market with the long running Today Show, the unpredictable Saturday Night Live and the groundbreaking Dr.Oz Show. NBC Studio Tours started in 1933. Today’s tours take visitors through the NBC Sharp Globe Theater, Broadcast Operations and the Make-up Room. Participants can produce their own news and weather program in NBC’s High Definition Mini-Control Studio. Live studio experiences are available. Educational, insightful and fun, NBC Studio Tours offer a fantastic group experience.

NBC Studio Tours 2


A time-honored joke asks: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? The answer…practice, practice, practice. Indeed, the luminaries who have graced Carnegie’s stage have ascribed to such advice. However, if you want to get to Carnegie Hall without engaging in any practice at all, then Carnegie Hall Tours may be your ticket to get on and behind one of the world’s most famous stages. Rich in history, beautiful in design and first-rate in artistry, Carnegie Hall has offered patrons premiere performances for over 110 years. Get a backstage view of what continues to be one of the most prestigious performance venues in the world.

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stage manager

The stage manager is the ultimate communicator, diplomat, and problem solver in the theatre. They must ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible throughout the entire production process, and once a show opens, they are charged with “maintaining its artistic integrity.” Yet the audience never sees these very important individuals. Discover what stage management is about, find out about the numerous tasks they are charged with before and during a show, and understand why a play or musical cannot go on without them.


Experience will include:

  • An inside look at the role that stage managers play in the creation of a Broadway show.
  • A consideration of a stage manager’s duties throughout the run of a show.
  • Tips on how to pursue a career in Stage Management
  • Q&A with a Stage Manager


Seminar length: 1 hour


What does it take to subtly age an actor a few years for a specific stage role, to create fantastical, otherworldly characters or to define a time period and the various classes who comprised a specific culture? Make-up design is one very important and effective element that enables the theatre to be magical. Proper make-up design and application can define character, create a new world, and offer commentary on a theme. Talk and work with a top make-up designer and learn secrets and tips for successful make-up techniques that will enhance a performance or an audition.

Experience will include:

  • Ways make-up designers use make-up to create different characters
  • How to involve oneself in make-up design and make it a career
  • Q&A with a Broadway make-up designer or associate


Seminar length: 1 hour


Costumes define character, story, relationships, time period and much more. If you’re interested in fashion, enjoy the possibilities that fabric offers, and love to analyze characters and define them by what they wear, you may be the right candidate for this seminar focusing on costume design. Learn how costumes are designed and created for a Broadway show, what costume designers need to know and be able to do, and how one can build a career in costume design. Meet with a top NYC costume designer and learn about various facets of the job, including how to create effective costume renderings, develop a costume plot, and anticipate and tackle to ever-elusive “quick change.”


Experience will include:

  • How one creates costumes for a new Broadway show
  • How to build a career in costume design
  • Q&A with a Broadway costume designer or associate


Seminar length: 1 hour


Effective set design may include complex, high tech elements working together in synchronization to create awe-inspiring effects, or it can be as simple as an evocative and stylized mound of earth and a tree, created to capture the essence of a show. A successful set design facilitates the unfolding of the events of a performance, helps define the vision of the director, and underpins the themes, moods, and emotions of a play or musical. Each theatrical set has the same basic goal – to pull the audience deeper into and connect them to the characters, events, and story. In this seminar, you will have access to an insider’s experience of what is involved in the process of designing a set for a show, creating and working with a budget, and moving a set into a theater.


Experience will include:

  • Set design for a Broadway show
  • How to pursue a career as a set designer
  • Q&A with a Broadway set designer or associate


Seminar length: 1 hour

Theater scene in preparation, stage and audienceLighting design involves the creative combination of technique, artistry, skill, and technology. A topnotch lighting designer can illuminate a show’s mood, ambience, and emotion, define and refine the vision of the director, and focus the plot of a show.  In the theatre, the process of creating effective lighting is complex and process oriented. Take advantage of the opportunity to talk with a Broadway lighting designer to learn how the power of light is used in the theatre, and what you need to do to make a light board, instruments, and electric components work for you.


Experience will include:

  • Methods of lighting design and use of the lighting board
  • How to pursue a career in lighting design
  • Q&A with a Broadway lighting designer or associate


Seminar length: 1 hour


0b9202_06b2d906394b43e99e4c1a9d79293e59.jpg_srz_p_622_152_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Various wonderful touring experiences are available through Broadway Up Close. Their original tour, which was created five years ago, takes you along The Great White Way where your group will discover exciting and interesting facts about Broadway theatres, artists, producers, and personalities. The tour travels from the southern end of the Broadway theatre district on 41st street to 45th street in between 6th and 8th avenues. Highlights include the rise and fall of 42nd Street, Roof Top Gardens, and hauntingly interesting ghost stories. Plus, each knowledgeable guide offers his/her own personal stories about Broadway. Each tour guide is equipped with an iPad chock full of one- of-a-kind photos and videos to further enrich your experience.

0b9202_986c2c4c6374407aae18e02fc7f02861.jpg_srz_p_422_277_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Plus, Broadway Up Close offers Private Tours, including one that gets you up close and personal with the Broadway experience. This is a perfect addition for those who will be attending a Broadway performance. This touring experience starts with their Private Tour around Broadway that Broadway Up Close is so famous for and includes a 45-minute sit down lunch or dinner with a performer from a show your group will be seeing that night. Your meal will include an appetizer, soda and an iconic pie from John’s Pizzeria.

Palace 2 (1000x667)


Behind the Magic: New Amsterdam Theatre Tour

NAT_121311_186-300x200Everyone who sees Aladdin wonders at some point or another, “How’d they do that?” This backstage tour of the Amsterdam Theatre, the host theatre for Disney’s new stage musical Aladdin, will answer some of your “how did they do that” questions, as you are taken on a tour of one of Broadway’s most historically rich stages.

Built in 1903, for many years the New Amsterdam offered audiences the magnificent Ziegfeld Follies. Learn about one of Broadway’s most storied show palaces, the stage musical Aladdin, and the magic of Broadway. This tour includes an intimate look at Disney Theatrical Productions prop studio where you will see original props, costumes, and set pieces that are instrumental in bringing the world of Disney Theatrical to life on stage.

Video: Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Disney’s New Amsterdam Theatre
December 13, 2011: New Amsterdam Theatre tour and architectural details.




041Tour “The Showplace of the Nation” and bask in the aura of the ambience that has welcomed and showcased some of the greatest performers and shows on the Earth. This behind-the-scenes tour of Radio City Music Hall gives you an insider’s look of one of our nation’s grandest performance venues.

This one-hour walking tour has too many highlights to list. Meet a world famous Radio City Rockette, learn how the Great Stage is transformed for the Christmas Spectacular or a concert, get a first-hand look at the celebrity guest book and more. The Art-Deco interiors, backstage mechanics and theatrical complex await your group. Book the Radio City Backstage Tour for a one-of-a-kind New York City experience.

behindEnjoy group rates for this special behind-the scenes tour of one of the biggest Broadway hits,
Wicked. With Wicked: Behind the Emerald Curtain, you’ll be guided through and around this amazing show. This is a wonderful tour for fans of this hit musical, theatre lovers and anyone who simply loves to see how magic works.

Wicked: Behind the Emerald Curtain offers tour members insights and first-hand accounts of how a new musical is created and sustained. Get up close and personal with Tony Award-winner Susan Hilferty’s costumes and view Tony Award-winner Eugene Lee’s intricate set model.  It takes 125 people to make this show happen each and every time and you’ll see how it happens. Each tour ends with a Q & A with cast members. This is a wonderful showcase of a mesmerizing show.