Information for Student Groups on Discounts and COMPS

Students groups, educational organizations, and teachers are very important at All Tickets, Inc. We understand that discounts are a major help to any group that wants to come to New York, enjoy a Broadway show, and experience any of the other great attractions, events, and sites that make the City so special. But for student groups and those associated with teaching and education, the group discounts that we can provide can be especially helpful.


How Group Discounts Work

Broadway and Off-Broadway shows often offer all groups a discount on their regular prices. A group may be as small as 8 people, although the average group for a Broadway show tends to be 15.

Group Discount Basics

  • Minimum group numbers range from 8 to 20.
  • Group discounts may be as large as 50%.
  • Group discounts are not available for all performances.
  • Group discounts are not available for all seating sections.
  • Group discounts may be higher prior to a show’s opening.
  • All Tickets can book your group at substantial saving at hotels, restaurants, historic sites, museums, maritime, and for other experiences.


Student Groups

Many Broadway and Off-Broadway shows sell student group tickets. These tickets are often very inexpensive. Many Broadway show group tickets for students are as low as $32.00. These tickets are usually for designated performances and are often available only in seating sections designated by the production.

Student Group Discount Basics

  • Specific performances are usually designated for student groups.
  • Prices can be as low $32 or more per ticket.
  • Specific sections of a theatre are designated for student groups and often these are in the balcony.
  • These tickets are limited, which means booking as far in advance that is possible is advised.
  • It’s always good to have a preselected alternative date and show, just in case the one you want is not available.
  • All Tickets can also book student groups at discount rates into motor coach transportation, restaurants, hotels, tours, etc.


COMP Programs for Students, Schools, and Educators

Sometimes productions will offer free tickets, also known as “comps” (complimentary tickets), to groups that purchase a certain number of seats. If you purchase your group tickets for a Broadway or Off-Broadway performance through All Tickets, Inc., we are always able to provide you with the comps that a production is offering. In addition, All Tickets, Inc., often offers special promotions that increase the number of comps that a group can get.

Group COMP basics

  • Some productions may offer free tickets at 1 per 25 purchased.
  • Limits are often 4 comps per group per order.
  • All Tickets, Inc., offers the same comps.
  • All Tickets, Inc., often runs special comp programs in addition to providing available producer comps.
  • Such programs are only available through All Tickets.
  • All Tickets allows groups to combine producer programs with ours.
  • To combine programs, tickets must be purchased through All Tickets.
  • There’s no additional charge for our comp programs.

We Can Help Student Groups in Many Ways

Along with enabling your student or educator group to save money on theatre tickets and everything else New York, All Tickets, Inc., can plan and secure your itinerary for the time that you are in the City. This includes booking hotels, restaurants, transportation, and more at group discount rates and providing you with an additional discount on such.

If you have a student or educator group, contact us today at 1-800-922-0716 or by using our contact page. We’ll be happy to be of service to you.