• June 21, 2012
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The little girl has big meaning in the musical Matilda.

There are so many reasons why audiences need to see the musical Matilda when it comes to Broadway. The show has been a huge hit in London, winning every major award and more Oliviers than any show before. The book, by Roald Dahl, was hugely popular. All of these recommend Matilda as a great evening in the theatre. But there’s more here than just a great show, and All Tickets thinks it’s an important consideration for groups, especially school, camp and community groups.

A Girl’s Self-image

This show will resonate with girls for many reasons but there is a major one of which groups need to be aware. This musical Matilda offers young girls an amazingly positive image. It’s one that shows that the girl who is different and who is smart has power. It creates an affirmative message for girls and provides them a vision of success through tenacity, intelligence and knowledge. The lesson is about being yourself, having confidence in that self and staying true to who you are. These are all important.

NYU Child Study Center

According to the NYU Child Study Center, girls need positive images as they have to battle massive media projections, peer pressure and societal expectations that can hamstring their attempts at success and feelings of positive self-worth.

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Matilda is belittled by her father.

On its webpage entitled How to Raise Girls with Healthy Self-Esteem, Dr. Anita Gurian writes, “As girls grow and develop, their overall sense of self-esteem and personal worth grows and changes, too. Self-esteem is about how confident we feel about our talents and abilities, not just how others may perceive us. Girls with high self-esteem feel secure about themselves, regardless of how smart or successful others say they are. These girls express their feelings, make positive choices, and care about others.”

Wow, if that’s doesn’t define the battle for Matilda, I don’t know what does? And although women are graduating in record numbers from institutions of higher learning and gaining entry into key positions in important sectors, Dr. Gurian observes, “one might assume that girls today grow up having confidence in their ability to fulfill their aspirations. But along with their newfound opportunities and freedom of choice, girls continue to face particular pressures on their self-esteem.”

Beyond Harry Potter

Harry Potter has been hugely influential throughout the world. There’s no doubt about it. It offers great positive images for kids. But All Tickets notes that girls in Harry

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Matilda must persevere.

Potter are secondary and, as everyone knows, Harry Potter is the primary focus of the series and the main protagonist despite the fact that Hermione Granger is an important aspect of the struggle for and victory of good. Note, Harry has two major cohorts, Ron and Hermione (the girl’s in the minority).

Matilda offers all children positive images and helps them understand their potential, but it does it in a world that is substantially the purview of girls in which a girl who is smart, ethical and open to growth finds a new life that will allow her to be herself and become a success. It’s an important message told in a highly effective manner.

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