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Idina Menzel returns to Broadway in this transportive new musical.


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    Coming 2015

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  • Great Escape from Redwood (Live Version)


    Jesse: Idina Menzel


    Book & Direction: Tina Landau Music: Kate Diaz Lyrics: Tina Landau & Kate Diaz

    Redwood is a transportive new musical about one woman’s journey into the precious and precarious world of the redwood forest. Jesse is a successful businesswoman, mother and wife who seems to have it all, but inside, her heart is broken. Finding herself at a turning point, Jesse leaves everyone and everything behind, gets in her car and drives... Thousands of miles later, she hits the majestic forests of Northern California, where a chance meeting and a leap of faith change her life forever. With its deeply personal story, refreshingly contemporary sound, and awe-inspiring design, Redwood explores the lengths –and heights– one travels to find strength, resilience and healing.
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