• May 14, 2012
"All Tickets Inc Ghost The Musical Beyonce"
Beyonce, a fan, visits with the cast of Ghost The Musical in New York

As Ghost The Musical continues its successful run at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre and garners amazing reactions, there are some important issues to consider in this show especially for teachers and middle and high school students. It’s true that Ghost the Musical has been getting great reviews from groups and individuals. All Tickets Inc., which continues to monitor the experiences people are having on the Great White Way and is offering great group discounts has seen a lot of hugely positive Tweets, including this one from Debbie Allen, “GHOST IS A MARVEL. BRILLIANT!”

Along with being an amazingly moving love story with great creative elements and a fine score by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard, All Tickets Inc. has looked closely at Ghost The Musical and the issue of bullying. In our innovative study guide, we devote an entire section on this issue, various classroom exercises and many video clips. Why? Because it is one of the most important issues of our day.

The Issue of Bullying

Bullying is a serious issue. A generation ago it was seen by many as a rite of passage or simply the way the world worked. But over the past few years school districts, advocacy groups and others have focused it on in an attempt to eradicate such behavior.

"Bryce Pinkham, Carl Bruner, in Ghost The Musical"
Ghost The Musical’s Carl Bruner, played by Bryce Pinkham, loves power. Bryce discusses bullying in the show’s official study guide created by All Tickets Inc.

Bullying is not only disruptive to the lives of those being habitually harassed by someone who wields their power over others, it has long term effects as people who are bullied can carry those scars with them throughout their lives.

What is Bullying?

In All Tickets Inc. Ghost The Musical study guide, we focus on the issue and define its elements. According to Education.com bullying is defined as an intentional act. The child who bullies wants to harm the victim; it is no accident and is characterized by repeat occurrences. Bullying is not generally considered a random act, nor is it a single incident. There’s a power differential involved. As an example, a fight between two kids of equal power is not bullying; bullying is a fight where the child who bullies has some advantage or power over the child who is victimized.

Is Carl a Bully in Ghost The Musical?

Carl Bruner, who is supposed to be Sam Wheat’s best friend in the show, is seen by some as a bully, as he uses his power in situations involving Molly after Sam dies. Actor Bryce Pinkham, who created the role of Carl in the Broadway production, has some very specific ideas regarding bullying and his character.

Bryce Pinkham discusses bullying in Ghost The Musical

Carl uses two major forms of bullying: verbal and physical. Verbal is his primary method as he attempts to subjugate her and make her conform and give up her autonomy. At times he berates and mocks her and other times he threatens and tries to coerce her. Later he utilizes physical violence to try to control her and to save himself.

Social Responsibility

As Bryce points out, bullying challenges us in many ways. Seeing bullying as an act of cowardice, the actor notes that it takes an action of some bravery for someone to step in and up and stop a person from bullying someone else.

If your school group is planning a trip to see Ghost the Musical, please take advantage of All Tickets’ groundbreaking study guides. Along with offering insights into bullying, the guide that focuses on the show investigates communication and relationships; loss, grief, belief and the paranormal and various artistic aspects. Another study guide, which is related to careers in the theatre, looks at over 60 different theatre jobs and includes video clips of insights from various professionals involved in bringing Ghost The Musical to the stage.

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