• April 25, 2013
Matilda The Musical Broadway Groups Sales, Discounts
Matilda The Musical is a story of triumph.

Matilda The Musical, which All Tickets finds big when it comes to group sales for musicals on Broadway is big, is a major hit. There are a lot of New York shows to see but few become the one that everyone wants to see. This season, Matilda The Musical, may reach that status. What makes for a hot, hit Broadway musical? If we could answer that, we might all be rich. But here are a few things at least.

Great Story!

By “great story,” we don’t mean great literature. We mean “GREAT story.” Something in that tale being told in the musical on Broadway has to connect with audiences and one thing that often does it is the story.

Matilda The Musical is a Broadway group sales agent’s dream in this case as it focuses on an enchanting little girl who has an uphill battle against bullies. We are rooting for her all the way. Plus, it has what so many good stories have: interesting characters battling for supremacy.

Winning Direction

Matilda The Musical is directed by one of the best who is currently working on London and the U.S. and that’s Matthew Warchus. Warchus knows what makes for dynamic, interesting theatre and he knows how to connect it to life. He’s done that time and again with shows such as God of Carnage and Boeing, Boeing. He’s able to coordinate the conceptualization of every element of a New York show, creating an entity that is focused and fascinating.

Matilda The Musical has big characters.
Matilda The Musical has big characters.

Dynamic Music that Fits

The music in a Broadway show needs to be dynamic- something special that makes it worthy of the theatre. It also needs variety as it works towards encapsulating, expressing and expanding the power of a moment, emotion, scene, confrontation, etc. Plus, the music has to “fit” in terms of style of the show, director’s concept, etc. We rarely leave the theatre humming the tunes we just heard but we do remember the way in which the music created heightened moments on stage.

Much More

Broadway group sales are about giving people who decide to attend the theatre together a chance to see a show they might not otherwise be able to see. That’s due to the fact that group sales focuses on discounts. With Matilda The Musical the group discounts are especially welcome because audiences get the opportunity to see a hit show at great value. For group tickets to Matilda (and COMPS with orders made until the end of the month) contact All Tickets at 1-800-922-0716. Have a great group experience at a hot, hit musical.

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