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Ian McKellen (Estragon) and Patrick Stewart (Vladimir) come to Broadway in Samuel Beckett’s absurdist masterpiece Waiting for Godot. Reprising the roles they played in the sold out, critically acclaimed West End production of Godot, they are joined by Tony winners Billy Crudup (Lucky) and Schuler Hensley (Pozzo) in a limited engagement. (Waiting for Godot is in repertory with No Man’s Land)

Preview: Oct. 26, 2013  Open: Nov 24, 2013  Status: Open, limited run (Waiting for Godot is in repertory with No Man’s Land.)

  • CAST

    Vladimir Patrick Stewart Estragon Ian McKellen Lucky Billy Crudup Pozzo Shuler Hensley


    Written by Samuel Beckett Director Sean Mathias

    In Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, Vladimir (Stewart) and Estragon (McKellen) meet at a crossroads and spend the time entertaining one another and hoping for a meeting with the elusive Godot. The two tramps exist in a vaudeville-like atmosphere as they banter, whine, prattle, reminisce and try to find an anchor that will give them hope. They are visited by the rich Pozzo, his slave Lucky and eventually by a Boy who tells them Godot will not arrive today, but he may at some time. That’s Act I. In Act II of Waiting for Godot, once again Gogo and Didi meet and once again entertain themselves as they attempt to recall the past, are confused by the present and hold hope for the future. Once again, they are visited by Pozzo and Lucky, whose relationship has changed and at the end of the act by the Boy.
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