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Patrick Stewart (Hirst) and Ian McKellen (Spooner) star in Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land. This classic Pinter play, which is set in an enigmatic world, focuses on two writers who may or may not know one another. Is their meeting an elaborate hoax, a playful charade or a terrible nightmare? The situation becomes more complex with the arrival of two other men, Briggs, played by Schuler Hensley and Foster, played by Billy Crudup. (No Man’s Land is in repertory with Waiting for Godot)

No Man’s Land, which also stars Billy Crudup (Foster) and Schuler Hensley (Briggs), will play a brief engagement at Berkeley Rep in August prior to coming to Broadway.

Preview: Oct. 26, 2013 Open: Nov 24, 2013 Status: Open, limited run (No Man’s Land is in repertory with Waiting for Godot.)

  • CAST

    Hirst Patrick Stewart Spooner Ian McKellen Foster Billy Crudup Briggs Shuler Hensley


    Written by Harold Pinter Director Sean Mathias

    In No Man’s Land, starring Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, Harold Pinter offers us a world where reality is skewed as characters try to determine where they may or may not be in time, place and action. Are they occupying a true no-man’s land, somewhere between reality and a dream? Are they remembering the past or living in the present?
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