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The Fantasticks original New York run lasted more than 40 years and cumulated in 17,162 performances, which made it the world’s longest running musical. This new production, which is directed by book and lyric writer Tom Jones, still embraces the same simple production elements that made the original show so striking when it first premiered. Replete with all of the wonderful songs, including “Soon it’s Gonna Rain” and “Try to Remember,” the prototypical characters and the boy meets girl, boy loses girl and boy finds girl again love story, this show is still a major winner.

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    Open: Aug. 23, 2006 Status: Open run

  • CAST

    Matt Aaron Carter
    El Gallo Ron Bohmer
    Luisa Addi McDaniel
    Hucklebee Dan Sharkey
    Mortimer Michael Nostrand
    Bellomy Bill Bateman
    Henry MacIntyre Dixon
    The Mute Matt Leisy


    Music Harvey Schmidt Book and Lyrics Tom Jones Director Tom Jones Set and Costume Designer Ed Wittstein Lighting Designer Mary Jo Dondlinger

    The Fantasticks is a story focusing on two young lovers and their fathers’ attempts to bring them together. When it first premiered over fifty years, The Fantasticks proved to be extremely innovative and highly theatrical. Today, it still has a certain refreshing style due to the fact that the story is told in a forthright and honest manner, the characters are amazingly engaging and the songs and lyrics are about as accomplished as any can be. The story of The Fantasticks is narrated by and partly controlled by El Gallo. This masterful MC has a range of knowledge and life experience that he utilizes to cajole, influence and guide the other characters. The musical is about unblemished young love that eventually, through adversity, grows and ripens to a more mature, less pure love. The Fantasticks is a beautiful story that will make you laugh and weep a bit as you long for those days of youthful love and all the promise it held.
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