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  • Off-Broadway

STOMP is movement and percussion. It’s a celebration of creative dance, sound and life expressed through complex rhythms and innovative music.  This isn’t your typical tap or modern dance show, not with a name like STOMPSTOMP is big, expressive and in your face.
Closing January 8, 2023

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    Opening: February 24, 1994 Duration: 1hr. 45mins NO Intermission

    Group Information

    Group Minimum: 10 Recommendations: This is technically an all-ages show, it is high-energy and loud. Age recommendation:  8+


    Creators and Directors: Lucas Cresswell and Steve McNicholas Lighting Designer: Steve McNicholas and Neil Tiplady

    There is no plot to STOMP. There’s no dialogue. STOMP is all show. Using various nontraditional instruments, including trashcan lids, large barrels and more, this show takes you on an emotional ride where everything is said through dance and percussion. Complex syncopated rhythms and movement featuring the ensemble are contrasted with pieces featuring solos, duets and other smaller groupings of performers. Set in a junkyard like atmosphere, the performers in STOMP manipulate just about anything that can make a sound, including newspapers, fabric, wood planks, metal bars, mesh fences, huge plastic barrels, metal trash cans, hub caps, water, and even the proverbial kitchen sink. The communications amongst performers and audience include various guttural sounds and the occasional “yeah.”  Movement and percussion are the modes used for communication and they are very powerful.  There’s a running bit throughout the show of one performer who marches to a very different drummer. The production also uses choreographed lighting to effectively augment the performance. The show builds and cascades, moves and, at times, find stillness. Ultimately, it reaches a resounding finale. STOMP is a powerful entertainment that has been imitated but never duplicated.
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    Orpheum Theatre 126 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10003
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  • What Is Stomp Like? Stomp is like a party hosted by eight different and compelling personalities ranging from intense and ferocious to deadpan and sarcastic. There is some audience participation, though no one is singled out. A few parts of the show get loud, but the majority of it is comfortable for most audiences. It runs 100 intermission-less minutes. Is Stomp Good for Kids? Absolutely. The humor and fun are accessible to all audiences, from kids to grandparents. *Please note: Children under the age of 4 will not be admitted.