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"Old Jews Telling Jokes"
Old Jews Telling Jokes offers great standup and it may be hard to believe but some of the comedians are actually old. Five Jews, three of whom are getting long in the tooth, tell tales about love, marriage, money, divorce and more. This is a fun, R-rated night in the theatre.

Sit back and get ready to laugh for 90 minutes as you thoroughly enjoy the show Old Jews Telling Jokes, It’s sexual and raunchy, self-deprecating and completely hilarious. Life, death, parenthood and religion are just a few of the topics treated in this engaging show. Every performance of Old Jews Telling Jokes at Broadway’s Westside Theatre is a laugh riot.
Show Facts
Creators Peter Gethers and Daniel Okrent
Director Marc Bruni
Set and Video Designer David Gallo
Costume Designer Alejo Vietti
Lighting Designer Jeff Croiter
Sound Designer Peter Fitzgerald


Westside Theatre
407 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
Preview: May. 1, 2012 Open: May 20, 2012 Status: Closed Sept 15, 2013
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