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Cougar The Musical is about that hot topic—hot older woman looking to prey on boy toys. The cast features three amazingly sexy women, all of whom are over forty and looking for lust and perhaps even love. Cougar The Musical is about three women finding themselves and discovering new lives. 

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    Preview: Aug. 10, 2012 Open: Aug. 26, 2012 Status: Open run
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    BRENDA BRAXTON(Clarity) KEITH HINES(Buck, Twilight Dude, Bourbon Cowboy, Eve, Naked Peter) MARY MOSSBERG (Lily) BABS WINN (Mary-Marie) CHRISTINE MARIE HEATH (Understudy) CHRIS SHENKLE (Understudy)  


    DONNA MOORE (Playwright/Lyricist/Composer) LYNNE TAYLOR-CORBETT (Director/Choreographer) MARK BARKAN (Co-Writer, Music & Lyrics: “Mother’s Love,” “Shiny & New” & “End of the Day”) JOHN BAXINDINE (Music: “The Cougar”) ARNIE GROSS (Music: “Let’s Talk About Me”) SETH LEFFERTS (Music: “On the Prowl,” “I’m My Own Queen,” “Gary’s Right” & “My Terms” ) MERYL LEPPARD (Music & Lyrics: “Julio;” additional lyrics: “Say Yes” & “Swagger;” music: “Love is Ageless” & “Say Yes”) JOSH IACOVELLI (Scenic and Lighting Designer, Production Manager) DUSTIN CROSS (Costume Design)  

    This intimate musical focuses on three cougars and one young, multitalented man with whom these women toy, employ and enjoy. Cougar The Musical provides audiences with a range of musical styles including doo-wop, pop and blues. The night includes the immensely funny romantic ballad “Julio,” which is sung to a vibrator. Heat warming, sexy, provocative and funny, Cougar The Musical is a joy ride of pleasures that takes audiences to the nail salon, Cougar Bar and boudoir. Enjoy the ride—the cast members certainly do.  It’s about fully embracing friendship, love and age.
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