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White Noise

White Noise, which is called “a cautionary musical,” is a dynamic piece of theatre. The musical follows a big time, chart topping musical producer who creates talent packages that invoke controversy, shock audiences and sell tickets like crazy. The focus of White Noise is on two musical groups that are diametrically opposed and about to collide on the charts.


White Noise examines the power of pop culture, our ideas regarding free speech and ultimate ambition through two extremely different music groups, a pop band that turns out catchy tunes with coded messges and a hip-hop-turned-gangsta rap duo. Both look to be headed to number one on the charts when they collide with stunning consequences. Talent, ambition and art are at loggerheads in this uncompromising musical. White Noise premieres on Broadway in spring 2013.

Show Facts

Conceived by Ryan J. Davis
Book & Score Joe Drymala
Additional Songs Ben Cohn and Sean McDaniel, Rick Crom, Glen Kelly, Laurence O’Keefe, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul and Eric Svejcar
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