• July 2, 2012
"Annie the musical Broadway student and group discounts"
Annie the musical arrives on Broadway at the Palace Theatre in October. All Tickets has student and group discounts and exclusive COMPS.

Groups, student, seniors and others, are taking advantage of All Tickets discounts and exclusive COMP promo for the revival of the musical Annie. It’s been extremely busy in our office for Annie, which previews October 3. The cast is assembled and Tony winning director James Lapine and Tony winning choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler are hard at work in rehearsals preparing for their first performance at the famed Palace Theatre.

There’s a lot of great buzz about Annie and All Tickets low, discount ticket prices (Student Groups start at $39.00) and exclusive COMP PROMO (1 free ticket for every 30 purchased up to 4 per group) has attracted a lot of attention. But why are people so interested in seeing Annie?

The Underdog Hero

Annie is the ultimate underdog hero. She’s an orphan who is being misused by then orphanage matron Miss Hannigan and does not seem to have a chance. The world is against her, but we’re not. We’re rooting for her.

"Annie on Broadway with Lilla Crawford get group discounts at All Tickets"
It’s all those “Little Girls” that Miss Hannigan hates so much. Led by Lilla Crawford, upper left hand corner, as Annie.

We’d expect her to lose, except for the fact that she has spunk, a wonderful heart and a voice that knocks audiences dead as she belts out optimism in the ringing ballad “Tomorrow!” and doles out cheer in songs like “N.Y.C.” and “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.”

She gets to “escape” on a special Christmas holiday as the guest of the apparently cold-hearted millionaire Daddy Warbucks (a real Creamsicle inside) and wins the admiration and love of everyone—Grace Farrell (Warbucks’ secretary), F.D.R. and the nation that is in the midst of such a terrible depression that it’s redefined the term “bottom dollar.” Annie even wins the heart of the stern, intimidating Warbucks.


This ultimate rags to riches story has some of the best villains to ever appear on the musical stage. There’s Miss Hannigan, the always half-in-the-bag, head of the orphanage who sings the darkly comedic “Little Girls,” Rooster, Hannigan’s no-good brother, and Lily St. Regis, Rooster’s girl.

"See Katie Finneran as Hannigan in Annie with group discounts All Tickets"
Two time Tony winner Katie Finneran plays the devious Miss Hannigan.

The three hatch a plot to have Rooster and his girlfriend pose as Annie’s long-lost parents and collect Annie and a $50,000 reward posted by Daddy Warbucks. The reward is designed to encourage Annie’s real parents come forward and claim her. Rooster, Lily and Hannigan sing about their plot in the driving and devious “Easy Street,” which is so deliciously evil and fun it brings down the house. (We hate these villains but love them too!)

Good Versus Evil

The musical Annie is the ultimate journey of the good hero being tested by the evils of the real world. Annie is our hero and despite all odds, she wins in the end. She not only finds a home with Daddy Warbucks, Grace Farrell and the rest of the Warbuck ensemble, but she helps put the bad guys in jail, make life better for all the other orphan girls and inspires F.D.R. to create a New Deal for the country and saves the nation. (Oh, yes, and don’t forget the stray dog, Sandy, who she makes her own at the start of the show but loses. In the end, she gets him back too!)

Not bad for a little girl who starts out the show singing the semi-hopeful “Maybe” and the up tempo number about being repressed, “Hard Knock Life.”

NYC musical Annie on Broadway discount tickets
N.Y.C. there’s something about you and Annie captures it!

Annie Tickets Are Here

All Tickets has great seats to Annie the musical and our COMP PROMO (ending September 30, 2012) can’t be beat as groups get 1 COMP for every 30 purchased (up to 4 comps per group per performance). Take advantage of the lowest tickets prices available, COMPS (30+) and for groups of 50+ extra discounts on N.Y.C. attractions and/or dining.

See the show about the triumph of the little person (one of the littlest around), Annie, in the city so big you got to say its name twice to start to capture all it has to offer—New York, New York. Don’t wait until “Tomorrow” call ATI today at 800-922-0716 or contact us on the web.

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