• March 4, 2015
A cruise around NY can add variety to your visit.
A cruise around NY can add variety to your visit.

Groups visiting New York can enjoy a range of educational experiences associated with the city’s waterways. One primary organization, the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, is charged with developing educational and historic programming and events at New York’s piers. The group is composed of more than 800 organizations that are connected to the waters that form the ecosystems of New York and New Jersey. The group’s mission is to offer “clean and accessible places to learn, work and play, with inviting parks, dependable jobs and reliable, eco-friendly transportation for all.”

Group Experiences

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You’ll see NY differently from the water.

Groups that travel to New York often go to see a Broadway or Off-Broadway show and to enjoy some of the iconic sites and diverse neighborhoods that the City has to offer. The Empire State Building, Hayden Planetarium, and Guggenheim Museum are just a few of the more popular experiences, while Wall Street, Times Square, and Chinatown tours are on the bucket lists of many groups.

Waterway Experiences Include Range of Activities

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Sailing ships offer a breathtaking experience.

There are basic sorts of cruises that groups can take around New York. These are often focused on sightseeing and may include trips to the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island. These waterway experiences offer those who take them a different view of the city and the chance to learn more about New York and its waters.

Along with such cruises, more specific maritime adventures include trips focusing on the area’s rich history, tours that investigate the biology and science of the surrounding waters, and holiday and seasonally themed tours. Other choices for groups include lunch or brunch tours, jazz excursions, and sailing ship treks on tall-masted schooners.

Making Good Use of Your Time

Ask your group agent if you should eave time to visit the port area.
Ask your group agent if you should eave time to visit the port area.

Twilight excursions can be exceptionally beautiful and midtown cruises are convenient and interesting. Plus, ferry transportation offers groups an economic and exciting way to venture off the Island of Manhattan to other sites and islands. Groups often find that they can get pinched for time. One way to alleviate some of the pressure is to book a cruise that serves a variety of functions, such as one that includes an educational experience and lunch or dinner.

Something a Little Different

Taking advantage of one of the hundreds of waterway experiences your group can enjoy while in New York is a great way for you to make your visit to the area diverse and unique. Trips range in terms of time commitment, but 90-minute cruises are common. Plus, you may want to add some extra time for visiting the shops and attractions associated with the seaport area from which your excursion leaves and to which it returns.

In planning such, you may want to work with a NYC group agent who can ensure that you get the best discount and help you create an itinerary that is not overstuffed with activities and that gives you ample time to do the things you want to do, including fully enjoying your waterway adventure.

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