• July 12, 2012

A Christmas Story comes to Broadway and All Tickets has group discounts and comps!All Tickets has group discount tickets and COMPS to the Broadway premiere of A Christmas Story The Musical. Based on the film A Christmas Story, New York will welcome the show starting November 5th and running until December 30th. A Christmas Story, which focuses on the Parker family in Hohman, Indiana, successfully completed a five-city tour last holiday season and it’s sure to transport everyone who sees it in New York back to a simpler time.

What’s Your Favorite Part?

The highly quotable and memorable movie A Christmas Story is filled with wonderful moments. Who can forget Randy, Ralphie’s younger brother who never ate, and who was dressed in so many layers of winter clothing when he fell down he could not get up as he “lay there like a tick ready to pop.” Or what about the classic scene of Ralphie helping the Old Man change the flat tire only to knock the tire nuts into night, making him say the dreaded bad word of all bad words: “Fuudddggge!” (Only he didn’t say, “fudge.”) Or what about Scut Farkus and his yellow teeth and eyes and horrific laugh and the moment where Ralphie finally unloads on the bully? Or the Bumpus dogs filching the family turkey on Christmas Day and the wonderful rendition of “Deck the Halls” sung in the Chinese restaurant by the workers as the family is introduced to “Chinese turkey?”

The Christmas Quest

In A Christmas Story, Ralphie wants one thing for Christ- the Red Ryder air rifle but…!
What is Christmas to a kid if they don’t have a quest for the ultimate gift? For Ralphie in A Christmas Story it’s the Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle. That is all that he wants, but it seems as if he is destined to be disappointed. As just about everyone says to him, including his mother, teacher and Santa himself, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” (And of course when he does get the rifle, he just about fulfills the prophecy.)

Young Talent Abounds

John Rando will direct A Christmas Story, which features a book by Joseph Robinette and choreography by Warren Carlyle. Two young composers, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, have been cited by critics for their work on A Christmas Story. Song titles include (appropriately enough) “Red Ryder,” “Ralphie to the Rescue,” “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” and “A Major Award.”

A Major Award

In A Christmas Story, the major award creates a major conflict
In A Christmas Story, The Old Man hears that he’s won a major prize and he cannot contain himself as the crate is delivered. What can it be? Perhaps a bowling alley? He reads the wooden crate before opening it, pronouncing the words boldly stenciled across it, as if they might be a clue to the contents, “Fra-gee-lay!” (“Fragile”). Or course when the crate is opened, the major prize is about as hideous as it can be. It’s a large lamp in the seductive shape of a woman’s leg, dressed in fishnets with the lampshade representing the bottom of a tasseled skirt which barely covers the buttock region.

The Old Man proudly places it prominently in the front living room window for all to see and although Mrs. Parker (the mother) tries her best to deal with the embarrassing eyesore eventually she accidently destroys it causing an uproar and debate that lasts for years. It is all simply hilarious.

Family for the Holidays

Do NOT try this! In A Christmas Story it ends up causing a whole lot of pain.
If the Holiday Season is about family, then the Parker family is one you’ll have to visit. They will be in residence in the musical A Christmas Story at the Nederlander Theatre and All Tickets can get you great group discount seats and will supply you with COMPS for this wonderful show. Call All Tickets today at 800-922-0716 or follow this link for more information on group prices, our time limited COMP PROMO and suggestions on how to make your trip to see A Christmas Story a very special event. (And yes, your tongue will stick to a metal flagpole if you lick it in the dead of a cold, harsh winter! Just ask Flick, if you don’t believe me.)

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