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  • December 2, 2014
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For the next two months, All Tickets will be introducing various new quizzes and challenges related to Broadway musicals, plays, and personalities. Our latest entry is our Broadway Musical Lyric Challenge. This is in addition to our Theatre Trivia Tweets.

To be able to access our new challenge, which is perfect for those who love musicals, enjoy great lyrics, and/or have knowledge of the art form, you’ll need to Like Us on Facebook. We’ll be posting links to this entertaining and challenging quiz on our Facebook page. Plus, we will also Tweet them when they are first published. Thus, joining us on Twitter will help ensure that you can link to the latest challenge immediately.

What is the Broadway Musical Lyric Challenge?

Follow the link!
Follow the link!

It’s simple and great fun. When we post about a new Challenge simply follow the link. You’ll find song lyrics from a Broadway show. Your job is to take on the challenge, click through the lyric, and from the multiple choice answers listed provide the correct line. We’ll tell you how you did each time you complete a lyric and at the end you’ll receive your score. There are 10 questions for each lyric.

Our Rankings Are

  • 8-10 Right– You’re the Star of the Show!
  • 6-7 Right– Supporting Player on Your Way to the Top!
  • 5-6 Right– You Made it into the Chorus- Smile!
  • 3-4 Right– You’re Still in the Apprentice Program!
  • 0-2 Right– Don’t Give Up Your Day Job, Kid, but Keep Trying!

Postings and Playing

Choose an answer!
Choose an answer!

Twice a week we’ll be posting new Broadway Musical Lyric Challenges. To find out when the next one is ready to go be sure to join us on Facebook and, also, on Twitter. By doing so you’ll also receive information on our weekly newsletter, new group deals, and Broadway news. Keep up to date on Broadway and special group deals with All Tickets Inc.

Coming up are lyrics from On the Town, Annie, Oklahoma!, Mamma Mia!, Jersey Boys, Fiddler on the Roof, and A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum. You’ll have a great time playing along with friend and family, and showing everyone what an amazing Broadway aficionado you are.

Let Us Know How You Did!

Find out if it's correct!
Find out if it’s correct!

Follow this link to play our first Broadway Musical Lyric Challenge. We’ve already given you the right answer to the first question, so you’ll get at least one correct. We’re sure that many of our readers will be Stars immediately. That’s how savvy they are about Broadway musicals.

Come back to this post to let us know how you did on the All That Jazz Broadway Musical Lyric Challenge. We’d love to hear from you and get your feedback. This is just one of the various new Broadway and theatre-related quizzes All Tickets is developing. Make us your Broadway and NYC entertainment and group travel page. We would love to help you plan your next New York and Broadway experience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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