• December 27, 2016

In my house we have a Roku system that is set up with Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Hulu, Netflix, and pretty much every streaming station you could dream of. Congress is trying to pass a bill to require cable companies to create apps for their service. It only makes sense that the streaming services would make it to Broadway as well in the form of BroadwayHD. For a monthly, yearly, or a la carte price, you can watch the Broadway shows you’ve been dreaming of right on your computer screen!


newlogobhd_whitetmThe breakdown of subscribing to this service is a little pricey. With Netflix ranging from $7.99-$11.99 depending on video quality, HBONow at $15.99 a month, Amazon Prime ranging from $99-$149 a year (with tons of added bonuses in shipping costs), and Hulu at $7.99 a month, Broadway HD is a little expensive. The price to watch individual shows is $7.99 with a monthly subscription price of $16.99 and a yearly price of $169.99. You also are not able to receive all productions in all regions yet AND the video streaming site is not available on streaming devices like my beloved Roku.

What you do get with BroadwayHD is live recorded musicals and plays! You can also watch “making of” documentaries, classic Shakespeare performances, and concerts like Sondheim’s birthday concert from 2010. To escape from the high-priced site, you can choose to join their mailing list for offers. Maybe you’ll get a great coupon that will help you decide if this service is worth its weight in gold. Go to the site on January 14th when the stream of Holiday Inn goes live.


Watch Broadway shows right from your TV!
Watch Broadway shows right from your TV!

According to my local movie theatre, another option for Broadway viewing off-Broadway is emerging in the new year. Disney’s Newsies: The Broadway Musical will be available for viewing at a limited number of movie theatres around the country. It will open on February 16th with two other dates as well: Feburary 18th and 22nd. Check Fandango today to see if your local theatre will be showing the production.

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