How to Organize Your Broadway Group Experience

You’re part of a group that’s going to a Broadway show, and you are in charge of organizing the entire event. Where do you start? What steps are involved? How can you make sure that you’ve covered everything that you need to? Here’s a look at how to organize your Broadway group experience and how to relieve much of the stress involved.

Working with an Agent

One of the ways in which group leaders relieve most of the stress and reduce the amount of work that they have to do is by working with a Broadway group ticket agency like All Tickets, Inc. There’s certainly no requirement to do so. But it makes sense for various reasons.

Benefits of Using a Broadway Group Ticket Agency

  • The costs of working with an agency are minimal. Because they usually receive a commission on group ticket sales, additional costs usually include handling and postage. (Any costs that are in addition to those associated with your show, event, or experience, should always be explained and documented.)
  • An agency like All Tickets knows NYC and has excellent knowledge of what it has to offer specific groups.
  • They do all of the leg work for you.
  • They can get you information on any show. (Getting information on Broadway ticket availability and prices for groups can be a complicated and confusing process.)
  • They can book the show you want
  • They can book you at restaurants, hotels, and into other experiences, events, and places at reduced rates, and, often at extra savings.
  • They can plan EVERYTHING for your group.

Steps in the Process

The first thing that you’ll need to do is decide what Broadway show your group wants to see. If you’re interested in what shows are available at group prices and what those prices are, you may want to utilize All Tickets’ one-of-a-kind Broadway ticket platform Broadway TIX.

With Broadway TIX you can research Broadway shows in various ways, including when a show is offering group tickets, what the group prices and requirements are, and times and dates of specific performances.

Once you’ve got an idea of what show your group would like to see here are the next steps.

  1. Along with choosing the show you want to see, it’s a good idea to have a backup – an alternate date and show. . (Just in case that show is unavailable.) You should know how many will be in your group.
  2. Contact All Tickets or the theatre to make a reservation and receive a confirmation.
  3. Make sure you understand final payment methods, requirements, and deadlines.
  4. If you’d like to book another experience, event, or make arrangements for accommodations or dining, let the agency know this.
  5. If you know what you want, then the group ticket agency can make the booking; if you’re unsure, they will work with you to identify the right addition(s) to your itinerary.
  6. Advertise the show and other aspects of the trip to potential group members.
  7. You’ll receive confirmation of all aspects of your group experience, including dates, times, number in your group, primary and secondary contact person, pricing, and deadlines.
  8. Set up deadlines for payment with your group. Make sure the deadline allows you plenty of time to process payments and get them to the agency.
  9. Send reminders to your group regarding payments.
  10. If you have any questions, problems, such as low group numbers, or things you’d like to change or alter, contact the agency ASAP. They’re there to help!
  11. You’ll be invoiced for your tickets by the agency.
  12. If you work with All Tickets, Inc., they will contact you prior to the due date for payment to make sure that you are aware of it.

Make Life a Little Easier

It makes sense to utilize the services of a Broadway group ticket agency, as they will save you time, stress, and, if booking additional experiences, money. They can be a helpful resource and have a support network that will benefit you and your group in many ways.