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The Broadway revival of the Bock, Harnick, and Masteroff musical comedy She Loves Me stars Tony winner Laura Benanti and Disgraced star Josh Radnor. The musical tells the story of Amalia (Benanti ) and Georg (Radnor) and the development of their relationship at the parfumerie where they work. They start out as being increasingly annoyed with one another, and it seems as though eventually their relationship will erupt into an epic battle. Or will it?

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  • She Loves Me: A Look at the Original Production


    Amalia Laura Benanti Georg Josh Radnor


    Music Jerry Bock Lyrics Sheldon Harnick Book Joe Masteroff Director Scott Ellis

    She Loves Me is a wonderful musical comedy in which Georg and Amalia, two parfumerie clerks, start out by constantly bumping heads while on the job. They simply cannot get along in any manner. That is except for one, and that’s anonymously. Both are carrying on correspondences with anonymous romantic pen pals who happen to be each other. Thus, the two battling workers have been falling for one another without knowing it. Will love continue to blossom once their identities are finally revealed? The score for She Loves Me features favorites such as “Vanilla Ice Cream," “A Romantic Atmosphere," “Dear Friend” and “She Loves Me.”
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