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Miracle On South Division Street

Was there a miracle on South Division Street or not in 1942? Clara, the matriarch of the Nowak family, certainly believes so but today her faith in the family miracle is shaken.


In Miracle on South Division Street, Clara, who lives in the urban decay of the neighborhood and runs a soup kitchen, continues to carry with her the day when the Blessed Virgin Mary materialized in her father’s local barber shop. The secret vision is about to be made public in a play written by Ruth, Clara’s daughter, but that decision go public is in doubt when a deathbed confession causes doubt about that day in 1942 when the Miracle on South Division Street occurred.
Written by  Tom Dudzick
Performer      Peggy Cosgrave
Performer      Andrea Maulella
Performer      Rusty Ross
Performer      Liz Zazzi
Preview Date apr 25, 2012
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