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Machinal by Sophie Treadwell is an amazingly orchestrated Expressionistic drama about the main character, Young Woman, who has no idea how to negotiate her life. With little to no guidance from her mother and lost in a robotic, mechanized world, the Young Man struggles to survive.

Preview: Dec. 20, 2013 Open: Jan. 16, 2014 Status: Open

  • CAST

    Young Woman Rebecca Hall


    Writer Sophie Treadwell Director Lyndsey Turner

    Inspired by the real life case of convicted and executed murderer Ruth Snyder, Machinal is a playwriting tour-de-force that offers audiences an emotionally charged journey. The main character, Young Woman, is a stenographer living in a male-dominated, industrialized society who yearns for something more than she has, but who has no way of knowing how to get it. Trapped by social strictures, she chooses marriage over love, and ends up a reluctant mother and a seeker of illicit passion through an affair. Unable to break free from a passionless life, she does to extreme lengths to finally attain her freedom only to meet her demise. Machinal is a mesmerizing, emotionally charged drama. Rebecca Hall makes her Broadway debut in this classic American drama.
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