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Blue Man Group features three characters who resemble men in various ways except that they are blue. They are also bald, look sort of plastic and are dressed entirely in black. They take the stage to perform an array of musical, comic and magic bits, which are seemingly unrelated except by the fact that one moment builds upon the other to create an evening of total entertainment. These enigmatic presences never speak but they keep audiences enthralled with their ability to create wonder, laughter and interest. It’s one of the most unique experiences you’ll ever have- Blue Man Group.

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    Open: Nov. 17, 1991 Status: Open run

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    Appropriate for kids, teens and adults.
  • Blue Man Group


    Created and Written by Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink Set Designer Kevin Joseph Roach Lighting Designer Brian Aldous Costume Designers Lydia Tanji and Patricia Murphy

    Blue Man Group, which lacks a plot, is less of a play and more of a theatrical experience. The evening is filled with various musical numbers that include numerous unusual instruments, spectacular visual and audio effects and wry moments of silent humor. Sometimes it’s the simple turn of the head, an extended moment of silence or a heart pounding drum riff that works to create an intensely funny moment, a recognizable irony or a pulse of energy.
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  • Playing at:
    Astor Place Theatre 434 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10003
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