City Climb, the highest open-air building ascent in the world, is a new and iconic thrill experience, unlike anything in New York City. Located above Edge, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere, City Climb provides guests with the adventure of a lifetime and exceeds the most rigorous international safety and security standards. Led by trained guides, small groups of City Climb guests traverse a series of open-air platforms and stairs along the perimeter crown of 30 Hudson Yards, a nearly 1,300-foot tall skyscraper. Following a comprehensive safety briefing, Climbers are fitted with specially designed safety harnesses and secured into the course by City Climb Guides via two cables attached to a trolley that seamlessly move with the Climber throughout the entire journey. With no obstructions along City Climb’s exterior perimeter, at various points throughout the experience, willing guests can look down upon New York City and lean out across the building’s open edges with nothing but air and breathtaking views beneath them. Offering guests never before seen skyline views, City Climb is an aerial adventure unlike any other. The experience culminates with a celebratory award and a victory lap of Edge’s indoor/ outdoor viewing areas where guests can enjoy a toast in the sky at our champagne bar or café, or visit our outdoor glass-floor experience, angled glass walls, and skyline steps. City Climb is located atop Edge, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere • Visitors can experience its indoor and outdoor 360-degree viewing area with thrilling glass-floor, angled glass walls, and outdoor skyline steps, and enjoy a toast in the sky with a glass of champagne • Visitors to Edge can look up to see the Climbers leaning out over the Summit above them • One level above Edge on the 101st floor is Peak, a stunning restaurant, bar, and event space operated by hospitality group RHC

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