• August 6, 2012

Rebecca the Musical, which looks like a premium group discount experience, will be on Broadway this fall. Manderlay is the mysterious setting for this musical, which is akin to a gothic psychological thriller. Like the Oscar winning 1940 movie and popular 1938 novel by Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca, the musical version, offers a ghostly, haunting atmosphere. It’s one as if you expect the deceased Rebecca to pop up at any moment.

Hitchcock Film

As Mrs. Danvers, Judith Anderson was eerie and frightening.Film director Alfred Hitchcock knew a great story when he saw one and the novel Rebecca certainly had that. Plus, it had the otherworldly feeling that Hitchcock always so ably created in his greatest movies. That atmosphere that made you wonder if you were in some way existing in a place that was halfway between the real world and a dream.

I’ll never forget the first time that I saw Rebecca. It was 35 years after the movie had premiered. I watched it on television one evening and was hypnotized by it. So much so that I became a big fan and eventually added a photo from the film autographed by the two leads, Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine, to my collection.

The ghostlike atmosphere was reinforced by the settings, camera work and acting. As Mrs. Danvers, Judith Anderson was amazingly eerie and frightening. Fontaine as the unnamed second Mrs. Maxim de Winter was naïve and vulnerable and Olivier played the aristocrat perfectly. Hitchcock created a perfect combination of elements that made Rebecca a classic.

Rebecca The Musical

Watch the clip of the musical Rebecca to see how this production captures the atmosphere that is so important in transferring the novel to the stage. Also stunningly done are the special effects and the acting is totally engaging.

The music captures the high emotions, the tensions and the mysteries of the piece. The book and film both open with the line, “Last night I dreamt of Manderlay again.” But the narrator, the second Mrs. De Winter, cannot go back because the magnificent estate has been destroyed.

Loss, Love and Obsession

Within the haunting environment that invites the memory and invokes the ghost of Rebecca, is a tale that is about loss, love and obsession. The musical, like the two works that precede it, focuses on how the past can occupy the present to such a degree that it destroys that present.

Although Rebecca The Musical deal with emotion on a high level, it is about something that everyone must contend with at some point in their life—letting go and going on to be in the present. In Rebecca The Musical those who cannot do that are destroyed. This is a musical that will elevate your emotions and tantalize your imaginations, putting you in the midst of what is an overpowering situation that leads to catastrophic events.

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