• March 29, 2012
"Ghost The Musical I had a life"
In Ghost The Musical, Sam tries to deal with what has happened to him and sings,”I Had a Life.”

Ghost The Musical starts with Molly singing “Here Right Now,” which is an upbeat rock number about capturing the moment. In the bridge, the man who loves her, Sam, sings about being overcome by the moment and his feeling that it could pass away immediately. We find out in the musical that both are correct regarding their feelings about the moment and their lives.

Ghost The Musical continues developing this theme that focuses on the here and now of our lives in many ways. As we noted in another blog, the writing in this musical deals in a straightforward manner with some of the most difficult and heartfelt moments that define our lives—love, death and times when we lose or try to hang onto hope.

Power of the Moment

The power of the moment is captured in the most powerful manner when Sam dies. It happens when the two are planning a future and have so much hope. When he’s killed in what appears to be a relatively random act, Molly has to deal with overwhelming grief. She tries to hand on and when Sam does start to make his way back to her she works very hard, as she sings, to “suspend my disbelief.” Each of these aspects of the musical are captured when they occur in specific moments.

Most Powerful Moments

Certainly, the most powerful moments in Ghost The Musical occur as Sam passes into the afterlife and then tries to get back to the world of the living. That is his journey in the play, passing from one realm to another, from life to death, and then back to life and finally accepting death.

"writer bruce joel rubin"
Writer Bruce Joel Rubin has captured what many feel cannot be captured in Ghost The Musical.

Because his motivation is grounded in the need to see and contact his forever love, Molly, the times that he spends trying to contact her are especially powerful. And in the end when they do finally get the chance to once again be together, it is a moment that brings tears of joy and sadness to the eyes of the audience.

The Engine of Ghost The Musical

Ghost The Musical is an amazing show in that it is able to capture so many moments in life that are so difficult to distill or to experience. Death is the ultimate conundrum and the afterlife is open to conjecture, debate and interpretation. It was in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that the Symbolist movement occurred. It’s leading proponent in playwriting was Maurice Maeterlinck. He would win the Noble Prize for Literature as he created plays that masterfully captured those moments when he pass from life to death.

"maurice maeterlinck major symbolist"
Symbolist Maurice Maeterlinck won the Noble Prize for literature.

Ghost The Musical is powerful partly because, like in Maeterlinck’s plays, it explores in an active and vivid manner a part of our lives that involves moving into a new realm. It is given life through music, dialogue, acting, illusion and more. Ghost The Musical masterfully captures the indefinable in life by defining it through theatrical art, elements and techniques. For group tickets to this amazing musical go to All Tickets Inc. or call them at 800-922-0716. An experience unlike any other awaits you.

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