• July 30, 2012
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The Broadway musical Bring It On, based on the popular cheerleading movie, is a hit! All Tickets has group discount tickets and COMPS for the energetic musical. Bring It On: The Musical is a lot of fun and offers a great amount of entertainment value. The plot focuses on a national cheerleading competition and that means the cheerleading teams in the play need to be topnotch. The New York Times recently made special note of the exceptional skill and rigorous physical challenges that Bring It On: The Musical requires. Bring It On, which was on a successful national tour before it summersaulted onto the stage of Broadway’s St. James Theatre, has a gifted and experienced creative team.

Bring It On Creative Team

The creative team for the musical is infused with Tony winners. Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the Heights) and Tom Kitt (Next to Normal) created the score. The lyrics were crafted by Mr. Miranda and Amanda Green (High Fidelity). The book was written by Jeff Whitty (Avenue Q). Andy Blankenbuehler (In the Heights) choreographed and directed Bring It On.

This exceptional team has hit the mark in every way, making this production of Bring It On: The Musical a great evening out, especially for groups. Low group discounts plus COMP tickets only from All Tickets make this a huge value. Information on our time limited COMP Promo is available by calling 800-922-0716 or visiting All Tickets Inc. on the web.

What About Those Routines?

The cheerleading routines in Bring It On: The Musical are exceptional. They were created with the help of Jessica Colombo, who is an instructor and judge for the Universal Cheerleaders Association. This is an organization that runs cheerleading camps and produces competitions.

"Group discounts Bring It On: The Musical All Tickets Inc"
Bring It On: The Musical has exceptional cheerleading routines.

Ms. Colombo, who was hired as a consultant, is charged with ensuring the challenging and dangerous moves in the show are done safely and accurately. She also focuses on making sure they are dramatically sound. To this end, the cast has been split evenly between musical theatre performers and cheerleaders.

For Ms. Colombo Bring It On: The Musical has been a real learning experience. She had no idea how a production worked. As an exceptional, she didn’t realize there was a stage manager in charge of calling all the cues in the show during each performance. She thought the production just happened.

Making Cheerleading Theatrical

In order to make the cheerleading routines and moves dramatically sound, director/choreographer Mr. Blankenbuehler had to use his expertise.

"See Taylor Louderman in Bring It On: The Musical"
Taylor Louderman stars in Bring It On: The Musical

As he observed in a New York Times interview, he had to embrace “the cheerleading vocabulary and use it in a stylized way to match the emotional content” of Bring It On. He noted, “The cheerleading was killing” the audience due ti the fact that it is powerful in many different ways—emotionally, dramatically and technically.

Olympic Like

With the Summer Olympics being broadcast, there’s extra interest in physically demanding competitive experiences such as the cheerleading routines in Bring It On: The Musical. This show is very much about the competitive spirit, both the purity of it and the occurrence when it can go out of control.

How far will someone go to win? When does winning become too much? What is friendship and sportsmanship? These are some of the questions that this fine Broadway musical asks.

For group discount tickets to Bring It On: The Musical and exclusive COMPS contact All Tickets Inc. at 800-922-0716. It’s a wonderful show for the summer and early fall. See our new pin for Bring It On on our Great Broadway Shows to See board.

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