• March 21, 2013
Broadway groups sales and discounts Cinderella Rodgers and Hammerstein
Cinderella on Broadway is breathtaking.

“Annie,” “Matilda,” and “Cinderella” are vying for the Broadway spotlight and looking to attract student groups with discounts. These Broadway musicals are in a battle to attract group sales patrons, especially girls. Each has a girl or young woman as the protagonist and in each that female hero manages to win the day and find their dream. But are the messages in these plays just for girls and young women? Do the themes and situations transcend gender?

Ever Been Bullied?

For anyone who has ever had to deal with a bully, there’s a lesson or two and hope to be found in “Annie,” “Matilda,” and “Cinderella.” Each of the title characters must beat their bullies and it’s important to note that each of them does so with a little help from others. That’s not just a message for girls. It’s an important one for males too. Bullies thrive on isolating their victims and one of the best ways to stop bullying is to enlist the help of others—your school, parents and sometimes even the law.

Facing Adversity

Matilda Broadway musical group discounts All Tickets
Matilda offers a whole lot of hope!

Annie faces adversity through street smart, quick thinking and individual determination. Matilda uses her intellectual powers and extra-sensory abilities to keep her antagonists at bay. Cinderella, known as “Ella” in the new libretto, is cool under pressure and bravely determined in her fight to deal with her plight and win freedom from those who oppress her. In these three musicals young girls and women facing adversity, dealing with extreme ups and downs and learning how to survive offer all of important insights.

Dreams and Goals

Dreams and goals are important in each of these plays. Each one of the main characters wants to change their lives for the better and each one must fight to do so. But they have something that many of us often lose—dreams and real goals. Matilda has been abused by her family and teachers but she doesn’t let them take her hope away. Cinderella is also manipulated and misused by those who should be supporting her. But she keeps going on with the help of her Fairy Godmother. Annie has no family, must deal with a drunken, little girl hater and is thrown into an awkward situation with Daddy Warbucks. And despite various pitfalls, she manages to keep focused on her dream of being a part of a real family.

Redefining Family

Group sales for Annie on Broadway
Annie finds her family.

Matilda finds her family not through her blood relations but by being befriended by Miss Honey, a teacher who sees her amazing gifts and who has also been the victim of bullies. Annie’s real mother and father are never found but Oliver Warbucks becomes her adoptive dad and fills her life and his with love. And in this latest version of “Cinderella,” Ella finds her prince and also discovers that her stepsisters aren’t all bad. Those are lessons for everyone.

Your Choice

“Annie,” “Matilda,” and “Cinderella:” these are three very rich musicals from which groups can choose to get great Broadway discounts and an evening filled with fantastic entertainment and positive messages. Contact All Tickets for group sales at 1-800-922-0716.

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