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Set in 1692-93 in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, Arthur Miller’s The Crucible focuses on the Salem witch trials while being an allegory of McCarthyism and hearing and associated black listings by the House of Representatives’ Committee on Un-American Activities. Miller’s play is brimming with emotion, as wrongful accusations of witchcraft become to be believed, and the moral consciences of individuals and a community are tested.

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    Elizabeth Proctor Sophie Okonedo Deputy Governor Danforth Ciarin Hinds John Proctor Ben Whishaw Abigail Williams Saoirse Ronan Mary Warren Tavi Gevinson Giles Corey Jim Norton Reverend John Hale Bill Camp Reverend Parris Jason Butler Harner


    Written by Arthur Miller Director Ivo van Hove Set Designer Jan Versweyveld Lighting Designer Jan Versweyveld Costume Designer Wojciech Dziedzic Original Score Philip Glass

    In this allegorical drama, which is part fiction and part history, an entire town is consumed by rumors of witchcraft and guided by lies and fear, as they become focused on ridding their community of an evil that does not exist. After a group of young girls is found to have been dancing in the woods at night, Abigail, one of the girls, takes ill. Learning of the dancing and apparent conjuring, the Reverend Paris sets forth to expunge any witches from the town. As the plot develops, Abigail sees a way to have Elizabeth Proctor, the wife of her former secret lover John Proctor, hanged as a witch. But as more accusations are made, many more in town will find themselves facing possible death.
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