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It is the 1950s and the hunt for Communists and other potential threats, including those defined as sexual deviants, is on. How will two gay State Department employees, Bob and Norma, hide the fact that they are not following accepted norms?

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    Preview Sep 29, 2015 Opening Oct 15, 2015 Close Nov 06, 2015
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    Jim Baxter Christopher J. Hanke Norma Baxter Julia Coffey Bob Martindale Robert Eli Millie Martindale Mikaela Feely-Lehmann Barbara Grant Kelly McAndrew Theodore Sunderson Kevin O'Rourke Kitty Sunderson Jennifer Van Dyck


    Written by Topher Payne Director Michael Barakiva Set Designer Neil Patel Costume Designer Jennifer Caprio Lighting Designer Traci Klainer Polimeni Sound Designer Ryan Rumery

    In the midst of hunting down and outing those who might be dangerous to the fabric of American, Bob and Norma, two gay State Department employees, have created the ultimate cover. They have married the other’s partners. But now they must ferret out the sexual deviants in the government. This smart, sometimes funny drama, which is inspired by a true story, offers insights into two "All-American" couples are forced to stare down the closet door, confronting the very struggles facing society today.
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