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  • Off-Broadway

In My Mañana Comes, those who dine in the elegant restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side know nothing about the four busboys who serve them. These men have dreams, ambitions, and desires that they desperately attempt to hold onto as the daily trials of life test each one’s fortitude. They struggle to secure shifts, vie for tips, and must constantly juggle delicate entrees, picky customers and beer-swilling line cooks. The drama gets more and more intense as the four battle management and one another.

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    Open: Aug. 26, 2014 Close: Sep. 20, 2014
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    Peter  Jason Bowen Jorge Jose Joaquin Perez Whalid  Brian Quijada Pepe  Reza Salazar


    Writer Elizabeth Irwin Director Chay Yew Scenic Design Wilson Chin Costume Design Moria Sine Clinton Lighting Design Nicole Pearce Sound Design Mikhail Fiksel

    My Mañana Comes is a drama about four men struggling to find the lives of which they dream. A quartet of busboys working in a posh Upper East Side restaurant desperately attempt to fight and win their futures amidst the dingy details of their daily lives.
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    The Peter Jay Sharp Theater 416 West 42nd Street New York, NY
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