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With Mothers and Sons, playwright Terrence McNally offers a thought-provoking play about love, family, and compassion. Set in the present, Mothers and Sons, starring Tony-winner Tyne Daily, tells the story of an aging mom who lost her son to AIDS years ago, and her newly developing relationship with his former lover.

Preview: Feb, 23, 2014  Open: Mar. 24. 2014  Status: Closed, Jun. 22, 2014



  • CAST

    Katharine  Tyne Dally


    Author  Terrence McNally Director Sheryl Kaller

    In Mothers and Sons, Katherine (Tyne Dally) has grown and changed a lot since she lost her son to AIDS many years ago. In that time, so too has her son’s former lover. After years, the two meets again, discovering that life altering events and time can indeed reshape our vision of life and who we are. Mothers and Sons considers how far we have travelled as a society towards healing from the uncompromising ravages of AIDS and how far we still have to go to find closure.
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