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With a palindrome as its name, the 1970s-80s Swedish pop group ABBA seemed to constantly have a song or two at the top of the charts. Their tunes made them internationally famous, as they became the anthem for millions who loved to dance, sing along with their music and simply have a good time. Mamma Mia uses some of the group’s biggest hits, weaving them through a story that is buoyantly funny, sincerely touching and outlandishly theatrical. This is one of the true feel-good musicals on the Broadway stage.

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    Preview: Oct. 5, 2001 Open: Oct. 18, 2001 Status: Open Closing: Sep. 5, 2015
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    Donna Sheridan Judy McLane Sophie Sheridan Christy Altomare Tanya Felicia Finley Sky Zak Resnick Rosie Lauren Cohn Sam Carmichael Aaron Lazar Harry Bright Graham Rowat Bill Austin Daniel Cooney


    Music and Lyrics Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus Book Catherine Johnson Director Phyllida Lloyd Choreographer Anthony van Laast Set Designer Mark Thompson Lighting Designer Howard Harrison Sound Designers Andrew Bruce and Bobby Aitken

    In  Mamma MiaSophie Sheridan is about to be married and she has one wish—to know who her father is. Her mother, Donna, who has been situated on a Greek Island since she became pregnant with Sophie, is now planning her daughter’s wedding and with that event on the horizon two of mom’s closest friends from the 70s—Tanya and Rosie—arrive.
    But  Mamma Mia is less about the wedding and more about lost love. Sophie has invited three strangers to the island for her wedding. One of whom she suspects is her long lost dad. With the arrival of Sky, Bill and Harry, three of her mother’s former lovers.  Mamma Mia finds its energy as old passions combust, accusations fly and good times roll.
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  • Supported by a script that is heart warming and hilarious and featuring some of ABBA’s greatest tunes,  Mamma Mia is a pleasant and entertaining play about family, friends and love. And of course, at the end, the main cast members don their pop rock ABBA gear, grab guitars and go all out in a mock concert, celebrating the joy of being alive. If you want to have pure fun or maybe are feeling a bit nostalgic or perhaps want to expose the closet ABBA fan in you,  Mamma Mia is the show to see.