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luck-irishLuck of the Irish is a play about racism, upward mobility and sexuality. Set in Boston in the 1950s and the 2000s, this play considers how we view ourselves and others and examines what we will do to het what we want.


Set in two different time periods, Luck of the Irish first examines what an upwardly mobile African-American couple will do to secure a home in an all-white neighborhood. The get an Irish family to act as their front and purchase the home. Then 50 years later the Irish family reappears to get their house back.

Show Facts


Performer Eisa Davis
Performer Marsha Stephanie Blake
Performer Amanda Quaid
Performer Dashiell Eaves
Performer Carra Patterson
Performer Frank Harts
Performer Victor Williams
Performer Jenny O’Hara
Performer Robert Hogan


Written by Kirsten Greenidge
Director Rebecca Taichman
Set Designer Mimi Lien
Costume Designer Oana Botez
Lighting Designer Justin Townsend
Sound Designer Matt Tierney


Claire Tow Theatre
150 West 65th Street
New York, NY

Preview: Jan. 28, 2013 Open: Feb. 11, 2013 Status: Future, limited run closing Mar. 10, 2013

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