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King Lear

Sam Waterston takes on the role of King Lear, which is one of the true proving grounds for actors. King Lear is about power, love and family. A misguided Lear mistakes flattery for love and truthfulness for disrespect. He goes mad, loses his kingdom and eventually all that he loves.


 In King Lear, Shakespeare presents the portrait of a father who makes a terrible mistake when he allows his ego to guide his choices. In what is simultaneously a tale about family and national unity, Shakespeare offers a vision of a life in every way.
After Lear divides his kingdom, he sets in motion powerful universal forces that will destroy his nation and family. As chaos ensues and Lear is haunted by the taunting of his Fool, the king’s loyal subject Kent attempts to save his beloved monarch only to see all that is dear destroyed. Sam Waterston offers a telling and powerful interpretation Shakespeare’s Lear in a tragedy that reveals the essence of heartfelt love and the importance of truth.s.

Show Facts

Written by William Shakespeare
Director James Macdonald
Set Designer Miriam Buether
Costume Designer Gabriel Berry
Lighting Designer Christopher Akerlind
Sound Designer Darron L West


King Lear Sam Waterston
Gloucester Michael McKean
Regan Kelli O’Hara
Edgar Arian Moayed
Goneril  Enid Graham
Cordelia Kristen Connolly
Kent John Douglas Thompson
Albany Richard Topol
Oswald Michael Crane
Edmund Seth Gilliam
The Fool Bill Irwin
King of France Michael Izquierdo
Cornwall Frank Wood


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