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Glengarry Glen Ross is David Mamet’s masterful story of a cutthroat real estate office in Chicago. This version will be an all-female version of the play directed by Amy Morton.

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    Preview: October 2, 2020 Opening: November 3, 2020 Closing: Feruary 10, 2020 Duration: 1hr, 40 min 1 Intermission

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    Written by: David Mamet Director: Amy Morton

    The play is set in an all-women Chicago real estate office in the early nineteen eighties where the high pressure of selling worthless properties to unsuspecting buyers is starting to take its toll. The sales manager has set up a new challenge for the top saleswoman to win a new car; while the saleswoman in the last place gets fired. The desperate women will do anything to keep their jobs and this is the original shark tank, with the amount of theft and deception that takes place, for all the wrong reasons. When the office is robbed of its cash stored in the safe, it's up to the sales manager to figure who did it, but with a den of thieves, it really could be any of them.
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