Effective set design may include complex, high tech elements working together in synchronization to create awe-inspiring effects, or it can be as simple as an evocative and stylized mound of earth and a tree, created to capture the essence of a show. A successful set design facilitates the unfolding of the events of a performance, helps define the vision of the director, and underpins the themes, moods, and emotions of a play or musical. Each theatrical set has the same basic goal – to pull the audience deeper into and connect them to the characters, events, and story. In this seminar, you will have access to an insider’s experience of what is involved in the process of designing a set for a show, creating and working with a budget, and moving a set into a theater.


Experience will include:

  • Set design for a Broadway show
  • How to pursue a career as a set designer
  • Q&A with a Broadway set designer or associate


Seminar length: 1 hour

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