When you think of the New York City, you think of Times Square—the crossroads of the world. They say if you stand in Times Square for one hour you’re bound to see someone you know, no matter where you’re from. Whether or not that’s true, it’s a good indication of just how busy this major intersection is. If you’re looking for discount theatre tickets, special holiday events or the Times Square Visitor Center, you find them all right there. The hustle and bustle that defines the Big Apple is right there. Be sure to stop by the Visitor Center to see the Waterford Crystal New Year’s Eve Ball on display.

Exciting times are ahead for the square. In 2012 construction will start on the $27 million redesign of the pedestrian plazas between 42nd and 47th Streets with the objective of making the area more user-friendly to New Yorkers and visitors alike. It is anticipated that the renovation will be finished in 2014.


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