• April 19, 2012
"Ghost The Musical Broadway"
Ghost The Musical Broadway cast at first preview.

The London critics loved Ghost The Musical when it opened last July. The show is selling at an alarming rate in the U.K. as it prepares for opening in a few days on Broadway. The critical buzz was fantastic in London but what about the Twitter Tweets? How are they sounding?  We’ve collected a few from some celebs and stars. Here’s what they think.

Katy Perry

The singer definitely felt the emotion of the piece when she took a break and went to the Piccadilly Theatre where Ghost The Musical is selling at near capacity every performance.

"Perry Ghost The Musical"
Perry had a thumbs up for Ghost The Musical

Perry Tweeted, ‘Last night we all went & saw GHOST (musical) in LDN. Cried our eyes out, it was SO good! Congrats to my friends Glen Ballard & Dave Stewart!’

That makes it pretty clear how she felt and Katy is sincere.


So, if anyone is going to NOT like the illusions, it would most likely be one of the best in the game—Teller of the team Penn & Teller.

"Teller Ghost The Musical"
Teller was fascinated by Ghost The Musical

He made his opinion very clear via Twitter. No trickery here.

Teller chirped, ‘‘”Ghost,” the musical. Not for “theatah” snobs, but stunning optical magic. It’s a 2.5-hour sweet amusement park ride.’

He’s right on the magical money there. Ghost The Musical is truly a ride unlike any other you’ve ever been on. Get your Broadway group tickets early to get the best possible seats.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

If anyone should have an opinion on a new musical that audiences can trust, it’s Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. He’s about to enjoy revivals of Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway and his The Phantom of the Opera continues its amazing record-breaking Broadway run.

Sir Andrew Tweeted loudly that Ghost The Musical is, ‘A heartbeat away from the best musical of the last 20 years.’

That’s a clever Tweet for a few reasons. First, the “heartbeat” connects with the whole death and ghost theme. Plus, he could be reserving that blip of a heartbeat for what may be the “best musical of the last 20 years” for himself or any of his numerous colleagues. (Really, Sir Andrew, what is the best musical in the last 20 years if Ghost The Musical is a mere heartbeat away? He’s not saying, obviously.)

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In our next blog, you’ll find out about the man who created the truly mesmerizing and amazing illusions for Ghost The Musical—the brilliant Paul Kieve. He’s got quite a resume (including teaching magic to Harry Potter). The staff from All Tickets had the chance to speak with this fascinating man after seeing the show and also while he was in NY preparing the Broadway production. Don’t miss this blog!

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