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With signature direction and conceptualization by Julie Taymor, The Lion King, which was based on the Academy Award winning movie of the same name, premiered on Broadway in 1998, winning six Tonys. This play is a visually rich, musically vibrant telling of the story of Simba—a young lion cub and prince who seems unconcerned with his heritage until his father is murdered. It is then that Simba must learn to survive, grow up and eventually reclaim his thrown.

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    Simba Andile Gumbi
    Nala Chantal Riley
    Mufasa Alton Fitzgerald White
    Scar Patrick R. Brown
    Young Simba (alternating performances) Judah Bellamy
    Rafiki Tshidi Manye
    Young Simba (alternating performances) Alfonso Romero Jones II
    Zazu Cameron Pow
    Pumbaa Ben Jeffrey
    Timon Fred Berman
    Young Nala (alternating performances) Shaylin Becton
    Young Nala (alternating performances) Khail Toi Bryant
    Banzai James Brown-Orleans
    Ed Enrique Segura
    Shenzi Bonita J. Hamilton


    Music Elton John
    Lyrics Tim Rice
    Director Julie Taymor
    Book Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi
    Costume Designer Julie Taymor
    Choreographer Garth Fagan
    Set Designer Richard Hudson
    Lighting Designer Donald Holder
    Sound Designer Tony Meola

    The story of The Lion King focuses on Simba, the lion prince, and his struggle to survive and take back what is rightfully his from Scar his scheming uncle,. For Simba the tragic and suspicious death of his father, Mufasa, signals the start of a journey that will bring him new friends, wisdom and strength.
    This is a vibrantly told tale that includes heightened and lavish costuming, acrobatic choreography and beautifully interpreted songs. The score is moving and the story of a young cub who must endure great loss is inspirational. Visual splendor, massive ensemble pieces and stunning theatricality interpolated from other cultures and art forms give The Lion King a unique flavor and style.
    Be prepared to be entertained in a style that embraces diversity, while revealing elements common in all of us. With a happy ending that reveals that adversity can lead to triumph, The Lion King will uplift you. After more than a decade, it’s still a fine night at the theatre.