Broadway group comps, which are free tickets, are sometimes available when you book a show. There are two kinds of Broadway comps: producer comps and All Tickets Inc. comps. In order to get comps, groups must book tickets for the Broadway show that is offering the free tickets. There will be certain rules regarding how you can qualify for Broadway group comps, how many free tickets you can get, and when the comp promotion begins and ends.

Producer Comps

Sometimes Broadway producers, those people who are funding the show and overseeing its production, will offer comps to their show. Deals vary but a group often gets one comp for every 25 tickets purchased with the total number of comps allowed being four. (Some producers will offer a comp for every 20 tickets and others may set the threshold as one for every 30 bought.) There may be specific performances for which comps are available, a limited amount of time during which they may be purchased, and specific details related to payment for your tickets.

Note: if a producer is offering Broadway group comps, All Tickets Inc. will be offering the exact same deal. Thus, you can book through us and qualify for producer comps.

All Tickets Comps

All Tickets Inc. also runs comp deals for Broadway shows that are exclusive to our company. Unlike producer comps, which you can get by booking your group through the show’s box office or through All Tickets Inc., with our comps, you must purchase your tickets through us. Please note that these comps are completely free, and there are no hidden charges for them. Why would we offer our patrons free tickets? We do it for two reasons- one is to give them a little extra thank you for doing business with our company, and the other is to attract sales. (Free tickets do generate sales.)

By the way, if a producer is offering Broadway group comps and All Tickets is providing free tickets for that same show, you can get both comp deals but only through All Tickets Inc. Thus, as an example, if we are offering 1 comp for every 25 tickets bought and the producer is providing 1 comp for every 20 paid, and you purchase 100 tickets, you would get 4 comps through All Tickets and 4 more via the producer’s offer (as long as you purchase your tickets through us).

Early Bird Discounts

Another way that groups can save is by taking advantage of Early Bird Specials where you can often save approximately $10 per ticket. These specials are time- limited offers from producers. However, as it is with comp tickets, you can get any and all Early Bird Specials by buying your tickets through All Tickets Inc. Plus, if you are booking group meals, transportation, hotels, or other events and you do so through us, we will provide you with an additional combo discount. The more events, experiences, and services you book with us, the bigger your discount.

Get More for Your Money

With All Tickets Inc. you get more for your money. We specialize in Broadway group comps and group sales for everything New York. Call us today at 1-800-922-0716 to begin planning your trip and qualifying for group savings. Remember that free tickets are designated for specific Broadway shows and not all shows will have such an offer. Plus, there are certain stipulations regarding comp tickets and how and when you may qualify for them. Contact All Tickets Inc. today and start saving on the total New York City experience while negating all of the stress and hassle that group leaders often feel.