A Persistent Memory

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  • A Persistent Memory

A Persistent Memory follows David as his memories are fading away, while he’s investigating a phenomenon threatening elephants globally. While being haunted by his past, he finds help from an unlikely direction.

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Daphne's Dive
  • Preview: May 27, 2016 Opening: Jun 01, 2016 Closing: Jun 19, 2016
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    Marie Lisa Bostnar David Drew Ledbetter Kasem Ariel Estrada Elijah Richard Prioleau Olivia Victoria Vance Carly Claire Warden


    Written by Jackob G. Hofmann Director Jessi D. Hill Set Designer Pariss Bradley Lighting Designer Greg Solomon Costume Designer Valerie Joyce Sound Designer Miles Polaski

    In this new play by Jackob G. Hoffman, David explores the upside of grief, the process of mourning, and what it means to lose your most cherished memories, all while investigating what is happening to the elephant population on a global scale.