Breaking Down the Casting Process


What is the casting process really about? This seminar addresses “myths” about the casting process and answers all of the questions that you have, as you come to a better understanding of exactly what happens in the audition room. Topics will include what happens between an audition and a callback and between a callback and getting the job, how an actor can effectively submit him/herself to a casting office, and what does being “Kept on File” mean? Plus, you’ll learn about what a creative team looks for in an audition, and what are some of the reasons that one person gets called back and/or cast over another?

Experience will include:

  • Discussion about the casting process and what really happens when you are not in the audition room
  • Tips on how to best present yourself to a casting director and creative team
  • Q&A  / discussion with a NY casting director or creative team member


Seminar length: 1 hour

Meet the Talent: Broadway Dancer
Musical Orchestrations