Bryant Park

Bryant Park in New York at night

Bryant Park

Located behind the New York Public Library, Bryant Park is a welcoming oasis of natural beauty and human design. The park, which includes an array of seasonal gardens, public monuments and various amenities, is a wonderful spot to picnic, socialize or simply relax.

Designed in the French classical style, the park offers visitors a truly special ride on le Carrousel. This exquisite amusement ride includes replicas of more than a dozen traditional carousel animals that travel around and around to French cabaret tunes. At Bryant Park there are shops, games to play such as Ping-Pong and chess and much more. This is a beloved refuge in the middle of Manhattan. The park offers opportunities to relax, dine al fresco with a bag lunch, and enjoy beautiful city views at evening. It is a stunning location with buildings towering above the trees, lots of chairs and tables, live public events, etc. Very conveniently located, it is a short walk to the 42nd Street and Times Square theatres.

Bryant Park Le Carrousel

bryant park