• May 30, 2015
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All Tickets, Inc. has an amazing search engine that we offer completely free to anyone and everyone who has Internet access. We developed this unique search engine, known as Broadway TIX, so that people will know how much Broadway show tickets cost for any performance of every Broadway show and they can compare single ticket prices to group deals. Everything you need to know about the price of a ticket for any Broadway show is there!

At the same time, we are offering an unrivaled free ticket offer called The Best Broadway Group Comp Deal. If you purchase your Broadway group tickets through ATI, you will receive 1 free ticket for every 30 paid (unlimited comps) or 1 free ticket for every 25 paid (unlimited comps) if you buy your show tickets and another service, experience, or product through us such as hotel rooms, meals, group tickets to an attraction, a Step On Tour, etc.

You can use Broadway TIX to find the price of a single and group ticket and to calculate how much more you’ll save through our proprietary program- The Best Broadway Group Comp Deal

Doing the Math

An American in Paris is loved by audiences.
An American in Paris is loved by audiences.

If you went to Broadway TIX and wanted to go see An American in Paris on June 11, 2015, you would find that the highest priced single seat was $137.00 and the lowest priced was $47.00. You’d also see that if you bought group tickets you’d pay $123.30 for the most expensive ticket and $42.30 for the least expensive.

You might think, “Not a bad deal, I can see a show that has 12 Tony nominations for as little as $42.30 if I’m with a group. That’s a real deal.”

Now consider the deal you get with All Tickets, Inc. Let’s say you have 100 in your group and you are also purchasing a group dinner through All Tickets, Inc. That means that you qualify for 1 free ticket for every 25 purchased. So, you’ll receive 4 free tickets to the show. Before the comp deal, your average ticket price was $42.30 and with the deal it’s $40.67, which is about a 4.5% savings over the group rate.

If your group went with the highest price ticket, your average ticket price would be $123.30 before the free ticket deal. With 4 free tickets, it becomes $118.50. You can use the free tickets to lower the price for each participant, as some sort of special reward for people being amazing group contributors, or as prizes to raise some money for your group or organization. It’s totally up to you.

ATI: The Only One Offering Comps Now!

See Fun Home or any Broadway show for less with All Tickets Inc.
See Fun Home or any Broadway show for less with All Tickets Inc.

By the way, you can also use Broadway TIX to search to see if any Broadway shows are offering comps. We first did so with An American in Paris. They are not. If they were and you purchased your tickets through All Tickets, Inc. we would make sure that you got both the producer/show comps and ours. (If you buy your tickets anywhere else all you will get is the producer comps.) We also searched to see if any Broadway shows at all are presently offering free tickets to groups. They are not.

That means the only place to get free tickets with your purchase of Broadway group seats is through All Tickets, Inc. we do truly have the Best Broadway Group Comp Deal in the big city.

Use Broadway TIX

The staff at All Tickets, Inc. would love it if you would use Broadway TIX to search for ticket prices, producer comps, and special pricing programs. You can search specific shows, a price range, any date, or perform a general search. This is a great tool for budget planning and determining how you’d like to allocate your resources. (Perhaps you’d like to see two Broadway shows rather than one by going with a lower ticket price for each?)

If you use our search engine, it in no way makes you obligated to purchase your group tickets through us. But we sincerely hope that you will do so. All Tickets, Inc., which may be reached by calling 1-800-922-0716 or by clicking on this link, is totally dedicated to customer satisfaction. We offer highly personalized service in planning your trip whether it’s for one day, a week, or any length of time in between. Plus, we do have The Best Broadway Group Comp Deal around. Note, orders must be placed by August 31, 2015, to qualify.

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