Laugh It Up, Stare It Down

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  • Laugh It Up, Stare It Down
  • Laugh It Up, Stare It Down

In Laugh It Up, Stare It Down, Cleo and Joe are engaged in a relationship where they have high hopes, tensions, and challenges. Can they make it?

Incident at Vichy
Perfect Arrangement
  • Preview Aug 26, 2015 Opening Sep 09, 2015 Close: Oct. 10, 2015
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    Cleo Katya Campbell Joe Jayce Bartok Performer Maury Ginsberg Performer Amy Hargreaves


    Written by Alan Hruska Director Chris Eigemana

    Cleo and Joe struggle and search for the answers to the important relationship questions, as they work towards a meeting of their minds, intertwining of their hearts, and ultimate search for meaning. What is this world they occupy, and can they ever really find one another? Their journey includes a missing baby, a forged painting, a home invader, a tidal wave, and frozen pistou. Can they find love amongst all of this upheaval?
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